My Acer Aspire V5-473G suddenly shut down and won't turn back on [Solved/Closed]

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Ok. I'm starting to panic. I was transferring photos from my phone to my laptop using my phone's USB. While doing so, my laptop is also being charged with the power on. Half way through, my laptop suddenly shut down with a very faint sound. Something like electricity being turn off. I tried turning back on and it won't work. I also tried turning the main power supply on and off and on again and it still doesn't work.

Used my phone to Google and many ask to remove the battery and try turning in on with the power plug but the thing is this laptop has a built in battery.

Please help!! >_<
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Thank you
Look under if it has a little hole near the the middle of the belly, it has a battery symbol. push it with a needle and reboot
Thanks. Your solution is very easy for me and my laptop power is turn on.
Thank you soooo much @Pablo, this was extremely helpful!!! I was really worried but it worked instantly! I want to cry with happiness!! Phew
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Thank you
hi guys!
just try to remove the battery and the pawer supply than hold the power on button for almost 15s than put back all and try again
Hai. My problem is almost the same with the first. I was finished using my laptop. And shut it down. One hour later i m about to use it back. But it wont start. Only the blue light on the lower side indicates that its starting was turned on for about 6 seconds as the sound of fan is whizing. and it turned off . Tried that many times and it s still the same.

I did trying to push the small hole below. Many times. But it also wont work. I did try to disassemble the laptop just to find out whether i can detach the built in battery but i stopped when i saw those..fragile sockets.. and i assembling it back.

Please. I really do need the solution beside going to service center. I need those datas..

Id appreciate if u can contact me via ***@*** for the troubleshoot.

Many thanks
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Hi Adiboy,

Have you tried what gueyebamba suggested? Holding the power button may resolve powering issues. Please check the laptop with another power cable. Please make sure the cooling fans are clean of dust. Sometimes overheating or blocked cooling may cause sudden shut down. If your data is really important, remove the hard drive and connect it in a desktop PC as a secondary storage drive. I believe those startup issues are power or motherboard related and your HDD should be running fine.

Hope this helps
adityA > Adiboy - Oct 31, 2016 at 02:02 AM
hello adiboy i have same problem but when it happen first time on my laptop i go to the computer shop and i see what he do. Next time when my laptop again turn off i restart myself by putting off the battery and then press the power key for about 10-15 minutes and the plug power cable to the laptop and it star
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Thank you
Hi there,

You should contact the reseller in case the laptop has some warranty left. As far as I can tell, we are talking about some power issue that might have damaged not only the power supply or the battery. Anyways, an experienced technician should examine the laptop.

Hope this helps
do not keep the charger plugged inas soon as I removed it it came back on
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The exact same thing just happened to me right now. Sister was plugging in her phone to the laptop. The laptop was charging but suddenly shut off, and now it won't turn back on. My laptop, which is HP, also has a built in battery so I can't take it out.

I need to know if I can still fix this myself or if I should just get it repaired. :/