My Acer Aspire V5-473G suddenly shut down and won't turn back on

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 Katie - Sep 22, 2020 at 03:57 PM
Ok. I'm starting to panic. I was transferring photos from my phone to my laptop using my phone's USB. While doing so, my laptop is also being charged with the power on. Half way through, my laptop suddenly shut down with a very faint sound. Something like electricity being turn off. I tried turning back on and it won't work. I also tried turning the main power supply on and off and on again and it still doesn't work.

Used my phone to Google and many ask to remove the battery and try turning in on with the power plug but the thing is this laptop has a built in battery.

Please help!! >_<

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Look under if it has a little hole near the the middle of the belly, it has a battery symbol. push it with a needle and reboot
Thanks. Your solution is very easy for me and my laptop power is turn on.
Thank you soooo much @Pablo, this was extremely helpful!!! I was really worried but it worked instantly! I want to cry with happiness!! Phew
Legend! Thank you for this guidance