CD-ROM/DVD drive won't work

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When we put a CD-R in it shows a little disc with an hour glass on the desktop. When we click on the drive it says, "please insert disc" as if there is not one in there already. It does not matter if it is a blank disc or one with something on it. I really need to get these to work so I can back up files and save files on a disc. Could someone please help me? The top drive is DVD RW. It will not recognize or play any type of disc. The bottom drive is DVD ROM. It will play an audio CD. It played an old Family Values Tour CD .It will play a commercially recorded CD. It played or opened up a disc I had for a free 1175 hours AOL disc. It will not recognize a blank/empty CD-R.
System Manufacturer MEDIONPC
System Model MS-6743
My OS is Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
Version:5.1.2600 Service Pack: 2.0 I have never installed or replaced any drivers.
System Configuration: Windows XP

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Well I read and read and tried all of these so called fixes. I decided to just take a cloth with some Windex on it and gently wipe the laser lens on my DVD drive. To my pleasant surprise when I put in a CD with audio files on it, my drive saw them.
If you have XP I found a way to play what ever you place in your dvd drive. I have two drives that wont play, unless I do this; Start----control panel----performance and maintenance----administrative tools----double click on "computer management"----double click on "storage"----Double click on "disk management"----Right click on the drive with your media in it---click on you should be able to right click and "play" or "open with"
I'm still working on a permanent solution, but I hope this helps.
I tried this, but that drive (my CD/DVD drive) says "No Media" even though there is a disc in there.
mine also says no media :(
mine also says no media too :(
Hi daveyP, I don't know if this will fix your problem but it will change the settings back to DMA in both drives (your second setting was POI) If setting is at POI it slows down the recording drastically. eg set at POI recording a DVD can take up to two hours against 12-15mins with setting at DRM. Best of luck and hope it solves your problem.
Hi, I'm 24 and having the same exact problem (I seriously think this is Microsoft Sabotage) My Pc worked fine last week, now it gets hot 187F it's a laptop, and it's UNDERCLOCKED and UNDERVOLTED, I have never had my HP DV6500 laptop get so hot and now my DVD ROM is not reading the discs, It makes a strange sound and nothing - I accidently used Registry Repair Software because my Registry was corrupted. I accidently removed the string instead of the lower and upper filters... But I downloaded that REGFIX and the CD program, Even reinstalled Service Pack 3 for XP home (NOCD DETECTED, so I deletes my Primary IDE and CDROM Driver and it auto detects something like this - WHICH is NOT my freakin DRIVER - TWPCRY NOTNWI SCSI CDROM DRIVER

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I'm having this problem of the DVD-ROM opening, but the computer not recognizing the CD-ROMs (ANY CD-ROM), but I don't have XP, I have Vista. And it's only been since upgrading.

I've checked everything and it's in DMA mode, but still, every time I insert a disc, and double click the drive, it tells me to insert a disc as if there were nothing in there.

Anyone figure it out for Vista?
im also having the same problem
Ok guys, I have somekind of solution.
Well, I had the same problem trying to write a cd iso to a cd, using alcohol120%, without any success.

I gave a try to download another burner no matter i've red a post that sy had the same problem but not just with alcohol but with all the other big burner softwares like nero.

Well, I did not care that post, and I downloaded Burn4Free.

Now, my CD is ready, and I can tell you, this small software does it's work. I think it's great, and I know it's free.
I strongly reccommend to give it a try.

Whatever, let me know if it did not work for you.

Maybe this is the same thing. I burned files to a DVR+R disc. I took all the steps to finalize but there are no files on the disc and Properties says the disc is almost full but I cannot see any files. Anyone have a fix please? FYI, I deleted the files off my HDD because I thought all was saved to the DVR.
Nothing is working for me :(

i am on Windows 7.

when I first got windows 7, it worked a few times, now it wont work at all.

please help
i want to use the slim cd lap top drive as a adiou cd player so what can I do.
in this situation I use this drive with out the lap top
hey, That happened to me aswell it wont read my sims 2 disk and I really want to play it.!please help.
This didn't help at all!
I brought a cd and its written on it SIMS 2 DVD GAME and in the middle of the download it stops and says somthing about the media PLEASE HELP !!!!!!!!
my drive only plays cds but when I insert dvds nothing happens...what seems to be the problem and is there anything I can do to fix it?
having problems opening a memorex CD-R disc with photographs on it, what do I do?
It wont let me burn any CD's PLEASE HELP ME! :(
the real deal
Apr 14, 2010 at 05:30 PM
How Do I get my dvd drive too work cause every time I put a blank dvd cd it cant read it, but every time I put a blank cd in it works find? if you any links too download dvd r rom drives let me no people thanks
I have several computers, most with xp, one with Vista.
All of them have had progressive non recogintion of the cd/dvd drive(s).

What the @*%# is wrong with Microsoft!!!!!
Are they just installing problems with the automatic updates so that people will be driven to by Win7?

After the inboard drives no longer worked, the only one that did was a portable disk drive made in China. Eventually, however, Windows found a way to disable that as well.

Does anybody have an answer?
i am unable to open dvd movie though properly copied when my computer is opened dvd rom indicates red colour instead of green. unable to open dvd after sometime the message shows not responding. is there any solution
i need a software for running my cd\dvd rom
How can I install windows vista without cd/dvd rom, caz, itsn't work properly,