CD-ROM/DVD drive won't work

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When we put a CD-R in it shows a little disc with an hour glass on the desktop. When we click on the drive it says, "please insert disc" as if there is not one in there already. It does not matter if it is a blank disc or one with something on it. I really need to get these to work so I can back up files and save files on a disc. Could someone please help me? The top drive is DVD RW. It will not recognize or play any type of disc. The bottom drive is DVD ROM. It will play an audio CD. It played an old Family Values Tour CD .It will play a commercially recorded CD. It played or opened up a disc I had for a free 1175 hours AOL disc. It will not recognize a blank/empty CD-R.
System Manufacturer MEDIONPC
System Model MS-6743
My OS is Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
Version:5.1.2600 Service Pack: 2.0 I have never installed or replaced any drivers.
System Configuration: Windows XP

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followed all the above suggestions none worked .Downloaded Windows media player 11 put disc in drive no more clicking and noiuses coming from the dvd player movie that previously wasn't recognised useing VLC played ...worked for me .Sounds like a corrupted file problem that was fixed with the download
Sony PCG GRT360ZG got wormed. Technician put it into safe mode on boot up. I want to use the Recovery Disks to reformat computer. The computer will not recognize the factory recovery disks.
Idea welcome.....Thanks
I have recorded video clips using my iphone and stored these files with itune program in the " library " . However, when I tried to record thes files to my blank dvd CD the the disk drive does not recognize it and rejects the disk. Cand you please help me to overcome this problem without purchasing another software to do the job.


J J de Souza
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Hey, I'm trying to install Assassin creed 2 but my computer does not read any disk when I put it in the drive. Only thing my computer can do is reading rewritable disks, it cannot read cd games and movies ... anyone got some solutions for that ... I have tryed almost every "solution" here but no one works ..
Got some solution ?

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FREE download ??
accer laptop will not save to disc. says no disc?
why dont you just change your disc..........
Iam insert DVD they acess and when I insert cdhe didn't aceesnot open
i think u have to have a dvd-rw disk for it to work. I'm pretty sure it will work then. I am going to install Windows 7 myself and I'll let you know how it goes with me and then send a message 2 u. Hope this Helps
Hello, I Have the idea !! Noooot !!! HaHa
insert your cd which came with your cd/dvd drive
does this work on vista?
my DVD drive will not burn says it full in properties. I don't understand why because when to format it shows their are no files to burn.