DVD ROM not reading CDs [Solved/Closed]

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Friday April 18, 2008
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 Rohit -

There is some problem with my DVD-ROM. It is reading DVDs but not CDs. What shall I do with it? It's a LG system.

Please help to resolve the issue!

System Configuration: Windows XP Internet Explorer 6.0

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Monday November 24, 2008
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November 28, 2008

Hi Dear,

This is no big problem. Please use lens cleaner to clean the lens. It is the blue colored base that actually reads the disk.

It will work!

Thank you

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Saturday October 27, 2012
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October 27, 2012

boss is there any setup for lance cleaner ??
it worked for me !!!
Omg, had this problem for months on both my Sony laptops, not even reading the Cd Lens cleaner.

Just now, I put a minute amount of spit on my finger and wiped the little blue lense with it (thought nothing else to lose) and hey presto now reading disks.

How simple was that? lol.

hi shockman,
yes its a typical problem with dvd roms and unfortunately right now don't have any solution but as soon as I got one i'll be back to u ;-)
Well I had a problem similiar and maybe my advice can help you. First of all here is the problem I had. I have a DVD-RAM drive. It couldnt read DVD Videos or DVD Games. It could however read regular CD's. After a bit of frustration I talked to one of my buddies and found that he said it was a problem with the laser reading your DVD's. He told me to get a lens cleaner CD. I didnt have one so I went to my bathroom grabbed a cue tip and some rubbing alcohol and dipped the cue tip in it. I dabbed it a bit so it wasnt soaking wet with the alcohol. I then opened my dvd ram drive's trap and rubbed the laser lens with the cue tip. I inserted the dvd disk and it worked. All you need is a cue tip and rubbing alcohol and you win. I hope this helped.
He is absolutely correct! I did it and immediately it worked for me

I have to say I didn't get too technical and just used the end of my cotton t-shirt really really lightly and it worked straight away.

if it reads DvD's and not CD's, the drive is gone and it has to be replaced. A DvD/CD Drive has two lasers lense,
1. DvD's
2. CD's.
The reason for that is that different wavelengths are required for read the different media,
and it dependes that which lense is working accordingly that drive is working cd/dvd

WHat an idea Sir Ji Which drive has two laser lens . No drive has two laser lens . Only one lens is used to read both the DVDs and CDs
hahahaa.guru u ryt.......
Rather than changing DVD Rom. Find Microsoft FixIt solutions. Else check that whether DVD or CD is being made up of Dual Layer DVD ROM.
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This is not always a lens' problem.

Case in point: I re-installed Windows-XP for a friend, plus I installed Windows-7 for him on that same machine on another partition.

Result :
- the DVD optical drive reads both DVD's and CD's on Windows-XP &
- the DVD optical drive reads only DVD's and not CD's on Windows-7 on that same machine on another partition.

I would say like AARRGGHHH:
It looks like an IDE-0 Master to IDE-1 Slave problem, since there is nothing wrong with the lens' themselves. Either that or the fact that it's missing drivers when working with Windows-7.