Blue Screen error Stop: 0x00000024

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hi I read this blog and I have come accross that people from this blog are very helpfull. I need help.
i have got a compaq Evo N1020v Laptop with XP pro as an operating system.

problem ---> when I m trying to boot my laptop its coming up with blue screen error---->Stop: 0x00000024 (0x001902fe,0xfa3536d4,0xfa3536d4,0xfa3533d0,0xf9dacf73)

ntfs.sys - Address f9dacf73 base at f9d5f000, datestamp 48025be5

above is the full description of the error.

other problem is I tried to get into safe mode but it is not allowing me to start in any of the mode which includes

last good config
start windows normally
safe mode
safe mode with networking

i tried booting the laptop from the XP Disk and use repair ootion but that is showing the same blue screen error as I mentioned above. its not even allowing me to re-install xp

please help

only thing I could think of was to change my hard drive but I would wait for your replies and like to get some suggestions

please reply s soon as possible


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Please check Compaq 510 Hard Drive Native Mode Configuration in BIOS Setup.

1. GOTO BIOS ROM Setup by pressing F10 key on keyboard.
2. Goto Advanced Tab and select On Board Devices.
3. Change the Valeu of SATA Hard Drive Native Mode from Enable to Disable.
4. After Disable the value save and exit from BIOS Setup. and continue to boot from Windows XP CD.

thanks & Best Regards,

Imran Bashir
Thank you

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I have the same problem.
Thnaks for u r suggestion. It works for me.

Thanks a lot........
thankyou sir ,
for your help
i solved my laptop error
thank you for sug.....
A ton of thanx to u ...muuaaahhhhh..!!! ma computer gonna work again..:)..:)..:)
<underline></underline does it work on windws 7 dell laptop

Thanks heaps! Worked for me on an Asus P5AD2-Premium, slightly different but set Silicon SATA to disable and XP booted. I tried chkdsk and copying new ntfs.sys file from XP CD, neither worked. I was just about to do a repair setup when I saw this post. Hopefully I can get my SATA drives working again by setting it back to enable...

Thanks again!

Try removing one RAM card at a time

most pcs use the ram to boot that file if its on the hd then you need another but removing the ram sometimes works remove all in different patterns leaving at least one in
Straight From Microsoft is This is any help....

This problem occurs when an application opens a lot of handles but never closes them. This has been seen when an application continually opens a registry key but never closes it. When the application is closed the system attempts to close all of the keys but runs out of system resources while doing it.
I solved it

when the blue screen appears note down the infected file. It would be some crazy text eg. zpqfkmsipt5.sys (*.sys)

remove the hard drive and plug it as an external drive (you would need external drive casing IDA/SATA etc). If you try to search it in same system it wont show though you enable "show hidden files and folders"

Search for the file eg. zpqfkmsipt5.sys and delete it manually.

then put teh hard drive back in the original systems unit or notebook.

start it. I should work.

After this try to install an anti virus if you don't have it and scan system as precaution.

it worked for me