Downloaded Explorer 8 and now it won't open

dachmo - Mar 28, 2009 at 01:46 PM
 Elizabeth - Sep 14, 2011 at 11:25 AM
I downloaded explorer 8 and now it will not open. I get a blank white screen and the Explorer message pop-up stating: "Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close".

I have tried to restore my computer to an earilier date, but am having no success there either.

The porblem is not on the computer that I am writting this message on. You probably know that since I cannot access the internet on the computer I am having a problem with.
Can you help me?

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Mar 29, 2009 at 04:37 AM
uninstall IE 8, download IE 7 and install it on the computer.
this should work.
I have just encountered to same problem on two computers simultaneaously. How do I progress with uninstall and install, when I cannot get into a browser and find a place to download the program from?
Chuckie > Jack
May 1, 2009 at 08:07 AM
After you go to add/delete programs in the control panel and uninstall IE8, click on the IE icon on your desktop and IE7 will open by default (on XP anyway). You can then either just stick with IE7, or try to download IE8 again and see if it works this time.
But I want to have internet 8 not seven that's why I downloaded it. I want to make it work
If your problem is that there is no icon for you to click on, do the following
1. open start menu and click on all programs
2. go to internet explorer on programs menu
3. right click on internet explorer
4 go to send and a menu will come up
5. click on create desktop shortcut

You could also open explorer from the programs menu, but setting up the shortcut is easier
dajaxon > Jack
May 24, 2009 at 08:11 PM
tried to upgrade to ie8 and after the restart - ie8 won't run. I tried to uninstall and return to ie7 - won't run and you cannot go back apparently after ie8 is installed. I tried to restore system - no luck.
after I downloaded IE8 I was able to open it and everything would load but I wasnt able to click on any links or deven tab down to try to type something in. so I found this website and I went into my Windows Update and at the bottom of the page in the left hand corner I clicked on installed updates. then I clicked on uninstall a program and found IE8 and restarted my computer. it reconfigured everything and now everything is good. I have vista. not sure what to do if you have xp but i'm sure its pretty simular. Hope this helps. it surely helped me with all your guys info. some people just had a hard time being able to uninstall internet explorer 8 so I thought id add a step by step break down for you all...
Worked for me. Thank you!
This happened to me. What worked for me is, I went to the control panel and opened up install/uninstall. including the updates. I removed IE8 and restarted the computer. and now I have my browser back.
You make it sound so easy MJR. Just what did you use to remove IE 8? - I can't uninstall it
via control panel at all, even using Microsoft's instructions. As I said elsewhere, this is a disgusting
piece of programming - making it so hard to remove I mean. We are only trying to uninstall so we can re-install!
Hi - can you post a link to Microsofts instructions as I have the same problem as you Ikey - it says that it is part installed but when you go to control palen to un-install it it says that lots of the files aren't there to remove
Here's what worked for me (also see above by "rushnut, on Oct 22, 2009 2:01:28 pm BST"):

From the Control Panel, select "Add or Remove Programs". On the left side of the Add/Remove Programs window click "Add or Remove Windows Components". This opens "Windows Components Wizard". Internet Explorer should be on the list. Check the box, click "Next", and the progress window should say windows is configuring the component. Once you click Finish, the Internet Explorer icon should appear on the Start Menu ("All Programs"). I launched from this icon and it definitely opened IE version 8 (even though parts of version 7 are still lurking on my computer and I can't get rid of them even after multiple uninstalls).

After you get Internet Explorer working, I highly recommend you go to and download FIREFOX!!!
(and set Firefox as your default browser). I can't stand IE and all the crap it puts on my computer -- Firefox doesn't do this. And Firefox doesn't get hit by all those viruses written for IE so it's a lot safer for your computer.

I only use IE for web sites that are specifically Not compatible with Firefox!
Hi Betsy,
I tried your suggestion of using the components wizard to configure IE but unfortunately IE is unchanged - no toolbar and won't download any software. However, the NineMsn news toolbar is fine as are the Yahoo searchbar and the Bing search Bar which I must have chosen to include as part of IE.

I remember that when I tried to uninstall IE I ignored automated computer warnings that
I shouldn't continue because Windows was unable to "copy the files". I assumed that it was some sort of back up system for IE 8 and that I didn't need to worry because I intended to re-install!!!

My default browser for some time has been Firefox!! But there were occasions when I wanted to try IE
and it operated very poorly, irritating me with constant messages that it was 'operating without add-ons'.
I tried to re-activate the add-ons for IE - followed the instructions shown by IE but nothing changed. That's when I decided to uninstall IE to get a better-performing less annoying IE. What a mistake!!!!!

However, you are correct - we can live without IE by using other browsers. The only problem in my case is that some of my other programs are now not working properly and I feel it is caused by IE which is probably missing some files. ( Normally I would contact microsoft personally but I resent having to do it.)

Thanks very much for your really clear instructions. I might try the Components wizard again for the other programs - perhaps they will re-configure!! I'll let you know!

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Thanks for all the info, I got it to work.

1. Removed IE 8 with Add/Remove Windows Components
2. Ran C Cleaner - Cleaner and Registry (a few times)
3. Control Panel, Internet Options, Advanced and hit reset

It's working fine now.
I downloaded IE 8, it wont launch, starts toload then nothing pops up and the loading stops.
Tried to uninstall, not in the program list or the update list. Each time I use windows update it tells me a greater/newer verison is already installed and it fails, if I refresh the available updates IE 8 still appears but it will not install, always says a newer version was found. I did get Opera and try registry edits and command prompt solutions and still, nothing is working. All I can say is this blows... I can't beleive an update downloaded using and MS tool for an MS O/S could cause such problems.

I wish there was more competition in the home based OS market, they'd have to get their shit together.
Jul 16, 2009 at 11:17 AM
Why can't you believe it? Microsoft is the king of mediocrity. This is just par for the course. As for that desktop competition, you should really check out a Mac, and come join us in the 21st century.
smug mac pricks
Nice one, though I completely agree with MrMcLargeHuge - Mac is on the cutting edge, while Microsoft is fixated on making shit look pretty flow nicely, Mac does both but isn't pretentious about it.

If you want something that REALLY works, move to Linux; they are the only ones who are really giving Microsoft a run for their money.
I have same problem. Tried many times and gave up. I am using Firefox now.
How did you even get Firefix???? The same thing has just happened to me today and now I can't even get a browser to open. I have gone all over the computer even to internet options and it will not even open??????? HELP!!!!
I also installed Internet Explorer 8 because of a Windows Update process. I could not access the internet - I kept getting a connectivity error message. I could access through other programs like AOL, AIM, Weather Bug, etc. iI was able to successfully uninstall it form "Add/Remove Programs" and YES - Internet Explorer 7 worked fine again. I immediately went back to Fire Fox, newest version and now everything works great.
Thanks - this worked. Microsoft is so frustrating. I'd rather be using DOS than Windows.
Had same problem with IE 8. Saw input regarding System mechanic and updating. Not sure problem is in System Mechanic it self but when updating system mechanic, it may have picked up some new hits on the registry and known hits in the engine for system mechanic.
I use registry mechanic I was behind in the updates so I updated then before I re-ran registry mechanic I tried IE 8 again the same problem still there unable to start. I then went back to registry mechanic and ran with latest updates and had 481 hits majority dealt with kaspresky I did the clean then exited from registry mechanic.


I think problem is in registry, there is some entry in the registry that is causing IE 8 to hang when trying to access URL's (any web site). Then when getting the latest registry cleaner (what ever one you have chosen) and it is able to clean the value out of the registary then IE 8 runs.

my recomendation is to run the latest version of your registry cleaner before installing IE 8, then run the registry clean again after the install(just to be safe) and then IE 8 will be able to access URL's. It appears the 2 registry cleaners that are known to effectively clean the registary are 1) SYSTEM MECHANIC and 2) REGISTARY MECHANIC.

Good luck hope this helps
I have a Hp and I added ie8 last night. It will open up but it tells me internet explorer has encounted a problem and needs to close. I looked on my computer for the SYSTEM MECHANIC and 2) REGISTARY MECHANIC. in the add delete programs and I didnt find anything. How did you find it please help me

start run and enter that if you want to uninstall IE8 but are unable to do so through add/remove programs
Hi jtg, I tried your suggestion and it was going along nicely until I got a message I had seen before when trying
to delete IE8: 'Set up cannot copy the file hmmapi.dll.mui.' It then added:

'Ensure that the location specified below is correct or change it and insert Windows NT Service Pack Uninstall Directory in the drive you specify.'

When I tried to unisnstall IE 8 the first time there was a whole succession of files which would 'not copy'
though I have no idea why files have to be copied to be uninstalled!!

Thanks for your suggestion - but I won't bother to try and fix the problem as don't need Internet Explorer
and will eventually wipe my computer of all programs and will get a professionall to re-install everything - that should work!!!
Setup cannot copy the file ieeula.chm. Ensure that the location specified below is correct, and change it and insert 'Windows NT Service Pack Uninstall Directory' in the drive you specify.
CCleaner worked for me.. I just ran the first two cleanup things (cleanup and registry) and it must have cleaned up bad install files or something because it finally worked after that. I tried everything listed here plus more fixes from Microsoft and such and it just kept coming up for about 2-3 seconds then disappearing. GOOD LUCK :)
Thanks for that, I'll try to clean the registry again but I think a hands on approach from a professional is required.
I probably deleted a lot more files than you and I doubt whether they can be fixed by cleaning - which in fact I have already done once or twice. I have another program which lists files that need to be replaced but unfortunately it uses Internet Explorer to find more programs which are supposed to download those necessary files. it's just a 3-ring circus! I thank you for your assistance and your message of good luck.

Happy new year to everyone - Ikey
hey all, try going to Control Panel, Internet Options, Advanced and hit reset, go thru the windows, Close any browser that opens. reopen IE, close. now try to open a link in your email. Hope this works, it did for me with the help from a really cool dude in India. It's 9:00 pm here and 10:00 am there.
I can open IE8 but it says I don't have an internet connection no matter what I do and I hate to break it to the person who said to uninstall it..when you go to add/delete there is no option to uninstall..this is crapp so now I can't update stuff cause of IE8 being a retard..Microsolft is dumb and if I could go mac I would but that would make 90% of my games unusable..
I have a user that this is happening to also. I noticed that if I log on as this user IE8 has launch problems. However if I log on using another account IE8 works fine. It looks like that user profile is corrupted.

So here is my solution, copy "My Documents", "Favorites", and "Desktop" from the C:documents and Settings\<username> folder to a temp folder on a external drive. Then delete the user account and the user from C:documents and Settings\

When you logon again it will create a new profile. Copy the files back to their original location
Add/remove programs and got to windows components and uncheck IE and apply that. On another pc get google chrome by clicking the having trouble link and it will download the installer on your pc. Save that to a thumb drive and run on the affected pc. Problem solved. I did it with xp when ie8 would not even open.
I also did the Windows Update and now cannot not open IE by clicking on the icon. But if I right click and Open as Administrator, it will open. This is annoying but at least it gave me the opportunity to post this.
Yesterday I updated widows 8 also.. my computer wont let me delete words? if I type. I cannot access websites. I cannot download mccafee I did system restore to a week ago and I still get the plain windows exp. window. The reason I am able to post now is thru forefox what is going on I checked my computer it says I dont have the windows 8 in add deleted programs.. what do we do now!!!!!!! this really ticks me off!!~
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Jul 15, 2009 at 08:30 PM
I had the same problems. Internet explorer 8 would open at all. So I found out that one program in the computer made the Internet 8 not open. This program was System mechanics. Maybe you have this program, if so unistall it and re-open your internet 8. Maybe this will work, if not you have to find the program that gives you this problem. (In your Windows system exploration.)
Good luck
I've got the same problem. My wife ran auto update and it loaded IE8. It did not make it all the way through the install, and now I can't open my browser. Microsoft says to Add/Remove IE8 and it will default to IE7. My problem is IE8 doesn't show in the list of programs. I've put IE7 on a flash drive (used another PC) and I'm going to try to install over the top of IE8 to see if I can get going again....then I'm turning off auto update. If anyone has any advice before I try this I would appreciate it.
Thanks for the tip!! I was running System Mechanic 7 and when I did install IE8, IE8 would not open. When I removed IE8 and went back to IE6, it opened without problems. After reading your comments I decided to upgrade my System Mechanic to the latest (Version 9; trial) and IE8 opened with no problems!! Problem solved! If you do have a version of System Mechanic older than ver. 9 (I am not sure about ver. 8), you need to upgrade to ver. 9 (or uninstall System Mechanic and use another utility).


I had the same problems. Internet explorer 8 would open at all. So I found out that one program in the computer made the Internet 8 not open. This program was System mechanics. Maybe you have this program, if so unistall it and re-open your internet 8. Maybe this will work, if not you have to find the program that gives you this problem. (In your Windows system exploration.)
Good luck<<<<<<
How do you uninstall IE8??
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Jul 16, 2009 at 06:57 PM
Hi Jack,

Well you seem to have more problems than me with your ie 8. What I can say is that you can call for support with a Microsoft technicien at this number: 1-800-936-8479. It is a free service until December 31, 2009. It is for everyone that has a problem with ie 8. The hours that you can call is Monday-Friday 5:00 a.m.-9:00 p.m ,
Saturday- Sunday 6:00 A.M - 03:00 p.m. (North America hours).
Good luck to everyone
Thanks Chester12 for adding the phone number for Microsoft Support. I was able to get the internet explorer removed and the internet explorer added. I started a new job and this was one of the requirements. Thanks again.
I meant to say I removed version 8 and installed 7 again.
my internet will not open
I have the same problem, did anyone found a real solution to this problem?
At least a way to make ie return an error of waht is the problem?
I finally got it solved (with microsofts help). Even though I had run the unistal on IE8 it did not completely remove the program. There was a directory for IE8 with a text file under "spunist". I did a "save as" it to the desktop as a .bat file and then ran it. All of IE8 was removed then and I reverted to IE7 with all my old settings. So far everything is working OK. I'm working off my memory, we checked several things while I was on the phone, but those are the only real actions that I had to take to clean it up. Good luck.