How to recover crashed hard drive?

chie - May 26, 2008 at 06:56 AM
 das - May 3, 2011 at 07:05 AM
my hard drive crashed after removing a virus. also encounted slow pc performance. how can I recover all my data, I tried to slave my hard drive but has local disk error, when I click open a message "do you want to format it now?" appears. please advice, I really need to recover my data. thanks in advance.

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I suggest you use TEST_DISK from cgsecurity, its free and very effective wiki it first, caution though as it can write over the data.

Personally using this software for about 4 HDD's data recovery very succesful. Learn how to use it, that data on your computer would still be there just try to rebuild the path to get to them <wink>

1. chkdsk
2. testdisk
3. fix MBR
4. use system restore and back up's for the MASTER OS that you would connect your HDD to
4. repair ntldr and ntdetect, after you install SYSTEM RECOVERY

its not what you know, its who you know. good job in reaching out for help.
my hard disk is working but it's not detecting in the system.
how to recover my datas in this condition.
i have lot of datas in it I urgently need..
please give me some valuable information to recover my data..
99.9% of the time, YOU DONT NEED SOFTWARE!

-I just crashed my laptop harddrive, xp system.

-Assuming you cant get it to boot back up, take hard drive out of your lap top.

-Plug hard drive to another computer as a seconday slave drive, you will need adaptors, the easiest is get an adaptor from your hard drive to your usb port on your working computer.

-when you do that, your computer usb port should recognize a new drive.

-open it and you should be able to drag your information out to the new computer.

-when trying this solution, when you try to click on your drive and it comes up with a drive error, try plugging it into a mac/apple computer. macs don't care if your drive has errors, it will still open it. this is what I end up doing.

-my crashed hard drive was dying, it kept on stopping when I was recovering my data, so thats probably why it crashed, and corrupted some files.

-hope this helps, back up your files people! get an extarnal harddrive, it will save you headaches.
How can I acquire a recovery software, and
what is the cost please ?
If it's not a mechanical this. (Suppose you're using Windows) Boot up your computer with a Linux based OS i.e Ubuntu, Puppy Linux etc.. when the drives and partitions are shown, open it and copy all it contents to a 2nd HDD or other external medias.. when you're done, reformat the drive or partition in question. ReInstall Windows if required... You can remove virus infections in this way too.. Happy computing :)

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May 30, 2008 at 12:52 AM
if it's hard for u to recover your data using softwares , try to use your hdd as external device then acces it from another computer where u'd be able to transfer your data to the local hdd ;
How does one use the hdd as external device? Pull it out, Open another pc and connect it and set it slave? Can it be done in a laptop?
ukpunk1 > Avaran
Aug 25, 2008 at 07:46 AM
He means an external HDD housing, whether it be a 2,5 or 3,5 inch HDD. Usually connects by USB to host CPU. I have the same problem. I have a Local Disk problem, in my case, drive F:, that I cannot access the data. (crashed) I will be deinstalling it from my Vista PC into an external HDD housing to see if I can view the contents under Windows XP. If not, I will try and continue with data recovery software.
Amanda > ukpunk1
Aug 30, 2008 at 10:30 PM
I am dealing with a similar problem. I have pulled the harddrive out of my computer (XP) and have it in an external casing so I can hopefully get my data from it. However when we tried hooking up the new monitor to the old computer it says no-input my question is...can I hook the external HDD (XP) up to my laptop which uses VISTA and use an external harddive to access/retrieve the data lost?

In case that confuses anyone trying to help:

(New computer that fails to boot that has its hardrive now in an external casing was an XP
old computer that the new monitor won't load is an XP
Laptop is new and it is using VISTA )
av a problem. I converted my desktop seagate 80gb hdd into an external casing hdd which I now couple to my laptop.However, it now hums and makes a clicking sound and freezes up my laptop which cannot access the data on it anymore.when I switch off the external hdd, my laptop works perfectly but freezes again when d ext.hdd is on. I av so much info on int which seems lost and d thot of that is so depressing. any one to help? pleeeeeaaaase.
you might try removing the jumper pin on the drive and make it a slave. grant full access to it using (vista laptop) should get to it that way I did but thats just my (limited) expereance
Oct 29, 2009 at 04:14 PM
take your crashed hard drive, set it as slave, hook up to another desktop computer, go to local disk D: or whatever it is, documents and settings,(username), then the appropriate folder your information is in. I don't know why people always tell you to use software when you can get EVERYTHING you need to recover, except installed programs, directly from the drive by simply slaving it and going to the folder. Actually, if you drag and drop the program file folder on to the C: drive of the installed program, it will still work, just make a new shortcut from the program file folder and place it on the desktop. NO SOFTWARE NEEDED!!
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Feb 15, 2009 at 03:30 AM
DONT TURN IT ON. (If it failed do to a "Head Crash" and you keep it on or keep turning it on/off you'll kill it for good!)

DONT INSTALL ANYTHING ON THE DRIVE THAT FAILED. (It will write over everything like recording over a Video Tape).

Some of them might show you a list of files that they claim they can recover, but when you buy the registration Key to Recover your Data... the program Recovers random areas of the Disk (Garbage) and names the (fake recovered) files after the files that you lost... once you try to open them you realize that the program didn't recover anything.
It just looked like it did or could before you bought it. Anyone can get the Deleted file list... recovering them is a whole other ballgame.

If you know what you're doing.... And you're shure its not a "Head Crash"... Hook up the Hard Drive to another computer and try some of the Data Reocvery software that allows you to recover 1 or 2 files to see if it works
before y ou buy it... (even then its still not definete if it will recover everything).

If you dont know what you're doing and dont have the gear... save your Time, Money and Stress.. and bring it to the
Pros... I brought my 1TB External Drive to these guys and they got files back even after a fall down 2 flights of stairs lol.
Easeus Data recovery wizard is a nice software for this job.
it can recover deleted files and can recover full drive....
just dont add anything to the HDD otherwise the data pointers will be lost and you will not be able to recover the data properly.....
hope this information helped you......
I am having a similar problem although I dont know if its down to virus. my hardrive crashse when I search for errors.
just restart to repair your pc with your windows installer...k!!!that's it!!!