My iPod won't turn on!!! [Solved/Closed]

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Hello, My name is Terrence and I have had my ipod for a while, its a ipod video 30gb and one night I was listening to it and than I wanted to go to sleep so I paused it and than put it on hold and went to sleep. The next morning I woke up took my ipod off hold and than it would not turn back on. Ive tried everything from reseting it, plugging into a usb and power adapter. and it wont light up or do anything at all and I dont understand how it jus randomly stopped working. does anyone know any info on that??

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Wahoo you are ace! Thanks 50 million :D
i have the same problem to the thing that I did is I just hold the menu together with the middle button and suddenly the apple logo came out and it works again.. I hope this information help.. =p
Thanks so much! I tried everything and was ready to throw it away when I pushed the center and menu for 5 sec. and it came back on! Thanks!
Hi Guys,
The problem is that you should not leave your ipod till the last bit of your battery to drain..once you get the red signal from the battery it means you need to charge it....Else you will face this problem and again your battery life will be be cautious on this...

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thx so much I was in tears when it wasnt working thank you
i tried it it doesnt work I have the ipod nano 3rd gen
omfg tyty you saved my lifee
This same thing happened to me...what did you do to fix it??
Have I pod mini 6 gb has not been used for a while ,now whenever it starts up it shows connection gadget and a small warning triangle ,have run out of ideas of what it could be ,can anyone help as it is presently being used as a expensive paperweight!!!!!
The middle button and menu works perfectly ! Thank you :D X
Try resetting your ipod by pressing menu and the center button.
What I Did Was Just Hold The Menu Button And The Screen Button at the same time,, and came on.
This site was very helpful. My 80 gB wouldnt turn on today and I was thinking it was broken, but fortunately for me pushing the menu button and the middle button at the same time and holding it reset it or something. YEEEEEEEE. EMaiL me for custom tees @ Email Id removed for security
Yeah!!! worked for me too. My ipod is alive again :)
This worked for me 2 yeah!!~!

omg! thank youuuuu. you're a LIFESAVER :)

the same thing happend to me I was listening to music and left it on the speaker and the next morning I tried to turn it on and it would not turn on and I tried to restor it and it did't recogenized it and I have a I pod touch 16 g
hello do u know how to get the ipod 8 gb back on I have tryed to put the usb cable on and I have held every single button but nothing is happening plzzz can u help and plzz reply asap ??????

hi, i'm having the same sort of problem with my ipod touch 2nd gen. I think I may of let the battery go too low. Now when I go to charge it with the charger or sync leads it comes up with the battery icon with a line of red in and charging icon underneath but after 3 mins or so it comes up with apple icon and constantly makes the connecting chime as i'm connecting to a computer???? this is with the charger and sync lead? i've tryed all of the above ie resetting and disconnecting from the comp but nothing! Please please any help would be much apprechated.


Hey guys, I just had the same problem with my iTouch. The screen went black, came on for split second, and made the "chink" when plugged in. I found that holding power/sleep with the home button made it do a really long restart and shocked it back to working. Just try holding power and home for a few seconds, see if that helps.

Thanks all for the advice :p!

Yes - I held the menu and the middle button in for 15 seconds - it worked - I too was like wtf is wrong with this thing....
Yay! That worked for me too! Your amazing!
i know what to do if u paused it and u didnt turn it off for 12 hours that can reak ur ipod I had that done before and some one who creates those i[od told me
man, you all just saved my life
OMG! Thank you sooo much. It was the first day of my ipod and I was totally freaking out but I safetly removed it then held the menu and centre button for maybe 10 seconds and it turned on!!!!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'M SO MAD! Kind of the same thing happened to me like did you guys but not really. I was listening to my iPod last night and then I turned it off. It was also FULLY CHARGED. Five minutes later, it wouldn't turn on again! So I did the menu/middle button thing but it STILL WOULDN'T TURN ON. I tried it several times. The next morning, I tried putting it on the iPod dock but nothing happened, so I plugged it into the computer and again nothing happened. It's totally dead and it had been fully charged when I was last listening to it and the menu/middle button thing won't work. WHAT DO I DO?!
same!!!! WHAT DO I DO. I was listening to music while it was plugged in. I was tired and I was gonna sleep so I took it out of the charger and it just went black. I tried turning it on and it wouldn't work! I tried reconnecting and that wouldn't work either. I also let the battery drain and tried to charge it. it would charge either. what do I do? please help
Hi I am over at my grandchildren's and this happened to me. It happened one other time at the shore and I think I accidently hit the right combo and the apple appeared. This time I tried and tried. Went on the Apple site and it said push menu and center button for 5 seconds.....tried that I gave it to my grandson to try and he held them both for 45 seconds and the apple appeared. so right now it is working fine. Mine was fully charged as well. Someone wrote it needs updating with firmware and software but this does work....definitely an Apple glitch though on this model....Good luck
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oh my gosh! thank you sooosooosoo much for posting that, ive been freaking ALL day. my ipod wouldnt do anything!
i was listening to music then turned it off, tried to turn it back on and BAM just a black screen.
i searched all day for something to help me figure out the problem,
my ihome didnt turn it on, nor did my charger.
and when I hooked it up to the computer it took forever for itunes to say it was there.
i held the menu and middle button for 15 seconds and it worked.
either way, thank you so much!
omg this thing totally worked thankk u so much I really apreciated!!!
my iPod nano went black randomly and it was fully charged too. even plugging it into the computer wouldn't work =( so I searched on google and a person said they tried turning the hold switch back and forth several times and holding the menu + center together for over 30 seconds and my iPod turned on! too bad I had my iPod for a while so I can't return it XD
Mine is so f-ed up I'm ready to throw it out the window... When I plug it into my USB sometimes it is recognized by my pc, but sometimes not -- gives me that you must eject before you disconnect screen and won't allow me to go anywhere else. When I reset it, while plugged in, it usually starts up ok and appears to be charging.
I can leave it plugged in "charging" for hours and as soon as I unplug it, the damn thing goes black. Dead. Nothing. Caput. Ughhh. Anyone else had this or solved this?
ok, mine is like 99% the same ass urs, as in it charges osmetimes, but sometimes my pc says it doesnt recognize the usb. well mine went black to but was charged, so MAKE SHURE that its not on hold and hold the menu button and liddle button together at the same time for about 10 seconds. good luck =].
Mine is the same!!! Have you had any luck? I think mine was the product of water damage though, but whilst its plugged into the usb, sometimes it's fine, then as soon as I unplug it...NOTHING! Anyone found a solution???
i know right but when chrged minz it wont even turn on I pressed the menu button and the middle button it wont even work =0!!!!!!!!!
it doesnt fuckin mother fuckin work!!!!!!!!!
thanxs brorwski I lkuv you<3
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