My iPod won't turn on!!! [Solved/Closed]

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Hello, My name is Terrence and I have had my ipod for a while, its a ipod video 30gb and one night I was listening to it and than I wanted to go to sleep so I paused it and than put it on hold and went to sleep. The next morning I woke up took my ipod off hold and than it would not turn back on. Ive tried everything from reseting it, plugging into a usb and power adapter. and it wont light up or do anything at all and I dont understand how it jus randomly stopped working. does anyone know any info on that??

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this is amazing it really works wat a legend oh my has jus froze again
yeah mine is doing that to as they said,i tryed everything pluging it in my charger and it still wont go on its just a blank screen all I did was put it on charge for a couple hours when I returned it dident turn on,it ticks me off
you are effing awesooomme!! tnx :x] apple ipod has its fishyy business
The holding both buttons thing worked.!
thank God for the internet.!!!!
oh my god, it works! Holding the middle and menu button! I just got mine, like a month ago. And then it just wouldn't turn on and I was like WHAT THE HELL! But thankyou, wahoo! You are seriously my life saviour! My ipod is my life <3 yay :)
Try going onto I tunes and pressing restore.
it will take it back to the way it was when you bought it. and then you can put everything back on it quite easily.
if not try taking it to a magnum mac store and ask them.
it worked for me to!!! thanks
my ipod classic wont turn on but it goes to a low battery screen when I plug it in the usb. then it goes to a black screen with the white logo asif its about to come on and it doesnt it goes straight bk to the low battery screen can anyone help me please :
i have an itouch and it wont turn on but when I plug it into the computer it makes that sound that its charging, but then again the screen is black, what to do?! ive tried letting it run out of battery and pressing the top and middle button; nothing, HELP PLEASE !
hello,my name is Micheal I have an I pod 4gb at past it was working good but now it can't work properly for example when I open it I can see the options pictures,my music extra but when I try to open it (i.e when I press open)it give a message system error so please help me to treat it
WAHOO thank you? pressing middle button and menu worked. got the apple screen THANK YOU!
mine dose not wrok at all I tried everything but still wont work what the hell
i have a 5th gan nano same thing is apple going cheap on us
please get in touch if u can help Email Id removed for security your help will be appreacheted thx
I was having the same problem. The instructions I found said to put it in off mode (no orange showing), then the hold mode (orange showing), slide it to the off position again (no orange) off/hold/off. While in the off mode hold down the menu button and the center button until the apple logo returns. This can take up to 10 seconds so keep holding the button down.

I did this and it worked. My battery wasn't even dead when it froze because I still had battery life when it re-set. It is working now.
It's 2010 and I am glad I read this post. Exactly what I needed to fix my iphone problem! Thanks!
FANTASTIC! thansk so much for your help! Pressing Middle button and Menu button together and holding WORKED! :)

Ok try just turning it off for a while thats what happened to me and it worked but if for some reason it doesnt work call or email apple

i fell asleep with mine on and spent hours trying to fix it pressing every single posible combo of buttons but the only one that worked was the menu/middle button combo. so try it and if it doesnt work then I would tell ya to get a new one. but keep on trying! and good luck! :)
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