My iPod won't turn on!!! [Solved/Closed]

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Hello, My name is Terrence and I have had my ipod for a while, its a ipod video 30gb and one night I was listening to it and than I wanted to go to sleep so I paused it and than put it on hold and went to sleep. The next morning I woke up took my ipod off hold and than it would not turn back on. Ive tried everything from reseting it, plugging into a usb and power adapter. and it wont light up or do anything at all and I dont understand how it jus randomly stopped working. does anyone know any info on that??

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i found out if u hold the center button and the menu button it will go back on....hope u people see this helps add me on face book at Email Id removed for security or eemail me see ya
my brother is trying to fix his at the moment...
Thanks to this my ipod works again1 I had the opposite issue! My Ipod touch 32g- 3rd generation (onnly a month old) was fully charged. I had the Tapfish app open and had to do something else, instead of going into sleep mode it turned off and would not come back on. Even after pluggin it in for a good while! Also the just holding the on-button for 10 seconds would n't do it!

If your device freeses while a download, turn it off, then hold just the tunron botton on top for about 10 secnds until the Apple logo shows up.

If it won't turn on anymore hold both select-button (on the front bottom of the device and the powerbutton (Top-Frame_ of device for at least 10 seconds or a little longer until apple logo appears!
its easy to get your ipod working.all it is that has happened has its frozen. firstly plug it into a USB. then press the menu button and the play button down together. the ipod should turn onto the charging page. then just disconnect the cable and eureka its working.

i've had this problem many times and this work wonders for me.

hope this helps :P
all you have to do is hold the middle and menu button untill it turns on
Are I pods suppose to last just certainamount of time only and die?? I don't thing that is fair, Mine doesn't hold hte battery charge no more it's a NANO 4 gbts
WAHOO you legend!!!!!!!!
i have a ipod nano first generation that will not turn on. I have tried holding the middle button and the menu button down at the same time and it still wont turn on. I have also tried charging it and everything.. but still get nothing. can you help me????
it totally works . awsome.
thanks soo much to wahoo and the rst of u guys... saw myself already running to the store and having a massive argument about warranty.... cool cheers!!!!!
wow wahoo's thing worked I have 2 remember that, press middle button and center at the same time :) thnx
There is no way your ipod wont turn on if you plug it in and there is no self-destruct in the ipod. Just plug in yur ipod let it sit for a while and it should turn on because that is what I had to do
omggg the middle thingyy workedd ahh im soo excited and happy <3
my ipod has the white screen and it wont do anything! I need some help! I tryed pressing the middle and menu button but nothing happens!? any advise?
my does the same thing
all you have to do is:
if it's an ipod touch-hold down the home and the on/off button at the same time for a while. same goes for ipod nano, except hold down the centre button and the menu button

hope that helped :)
wahoo to you too :) omgg, my ipod touch does the same thing...wonder if it works for that....