Gateway GT5220 will not post

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I have a gateway GT5220 pc and when I turn it on al the fans would turn on but the power button lights or harddriive lights would not stay on.Also, the monitor is showing no signal.Try to install another video card and still no signal on the monitor and lights on the power button would not turn on eventhough all the fans are on..Please advise as to what to do next... Thanks,

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Is it beeping? It is either a dead CPU, dead motherboard if it is not beeping. If you hear it beeping, then it is most likely bad RAM. If you have anything plugged into any pci slot, take that out and try to get it to POST.
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much thanks for this advice...i pulled the modem card on the pci slot and it BOOTS!

before this, my pc powers on but no post or beep at all...;D

Mine just did the same thing. I pulled the card that says "phone" out of the pci slot and it started right up! Thanks.