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Can't open my account


i can't open my account plzz us... dear frnds

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Facebook problems.


Hello, I am having problems when log in into my face book account. When am log in using Google, the result is as this: (the connection is untrusted;...

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Login approval code


Hi, I try to login to my account but it asks me for a login approval code. My phone number has changed and I don't have access to it anymore . ...

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Asking for got back disabled facebook account


my Facebook account has been disabled how can back my that disabled account?

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Can someone help me enable my facebook


For the past months or so my facebook was disabled and i want to know if anyone here knows of a way for me to enable it.

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How to unblock facebook on pc


how to facebook site unblock on pc rvd

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Security certificate revoked


I cannot get into my FB on my laptop. I was being annoyed by some other pop up and I think I inadvertently revoked the security cert. Now what do I d...

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How to set up facebook with skype


Can I open Facebook with Skype? My Skype software shows that can be. I use Skype 6.16 version.

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Appear offline on facebook


Hello, Even when I log in my Facebook account, I appear offline. None of my friends find me online, could you please tell me how to appear online...

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Facebook- expired certificate error


my facebook account could be not open this msg has show (The certifiace has expired)

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Facebook security certificate error


Hello, sir I had a problem of facebook security certificate error plz guide me Configuration: Windows 7 / Chrome 24.0.1312.57

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Facebook can't load


Hello, I'm having problem with Facebook. News feeds, notifications, messages, photos, comments, etc. are not loading. And most of the links and bu...

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Cannot connect to my facebook page


Hello, Whenever I try to log onto my facebook page it doesnt work! After filling out my email and password, and press login, I always get an error me...

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How to change my facebook homepage to english


hello how to change my facebook homepage to English? from prince appleton

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Reactivating my fb account


Hello, i want to recativate my fb account pls help me Configuration: Windows 7 / Internet Explorer 8.0

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How to change language on my facebook account ?


Hello, my facebook account changes to foreign language and I don't know how to fix it: I only speak english. Thanks for helping me to change th...

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Adobe flash player


I'm trying to view things which need flash player on facebook but keep getting told I need to upgrade to Adobe Flash Player 12. I've done this twice ...

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Facebook change language problem


Hello, how can I change language.yesterday I received a notification to change face book in urdue.i applied the notification but now I want to chang...

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Delete fake facebook account


Hello Sir, Can you let me know how to delete fake facebook account of mine created by someone and having my prof pic. and my details plzzzz let me kno...

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My account is blocked


Yesterday when i was trying to open my Facebook account, it was blocked and requiring friend's photo confirmation. But it is so difficult. How could i...

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Facebook forgot password and secret word


Hello, How can I sign into Facebook when I forgot my password and secret question? Configuration: Mac OS X / Safari 530.17

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How to change facebook input language?


How the hell can I change my facebook input language? I get all kind of unwanted words because of the "autocorrect" application, and now, whenever I...

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I can't log in in facebook


I can't log in facebook after I disabled my account.When i try to log in i get this message 'This account is already confirmed'..I don't know what to ...

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Verification code to open fb account. .


I lost my phone number by whch I created my fb account. .now all of a sudden when iam trying to sign in it is asking me to reset my pasword by enterin...

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Can't load the facebook login page from my de


Hello, I can't load the facebook login page from my deskstop... "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" Can anyone please help.. I can l...

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Help!! can't get into my facebook


So I'm trying to log in into my account and its asking me for a identification code which is sent to my old phone number..I don't have access to that ...

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How to enable comment replies on a facebook page


Hi, how to enable comment "reply" button on my facebook page? Thanks

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Hacked facebook account


Cant acces my facebook account someone is using it,what should i do,plz hel

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How to delete fake facebook account


Hello Sir, Can you let me know how to delete fake facebook account of mine created by someone and having my prof pic. and my details plzzzz let me ...

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Inter password but not change password


i go to My facebook account and i want to change my password.i put my old password and the the new password. twinc time after i click ok but the old p...

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Facebook might have been hacked


Good afternoon. I am trying to get in facebook. i have done everything that the computer wants me to. I have been trying for 4 days now. I am gett...

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My facebook account hack! help


Hello, When I logged in yesterday my password is unrecognizable by facebook and it always said wrong password. I tried to change my password via em...

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Hacked my facebook account


Hello, Someone hacked into my then my Facebook account, and sent Facebook messages to some of my friends, pretending to be me. harassing. I have no...

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Facebook log in problem


Hello, Thank you for help. I forgot password. On entering new code I made a mistake. Facebook has been telling me all day I have entered too many co...

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Account blocked


Hello.... hw cn i regain ma fb account?????? pliz someone help me........

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Calls on facebook


hello,i will like to know where to download the application to make calls on facebook,when i try to do it they always give me an error message ,thanks

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Problem with confirmation code at facebook


Hello, I can't find the confirmation mail to get my code for log in at Facebook.

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Fb acc been hacked


dear all friend, please deactivated this fb account since this fb account have been hacked by someone, the hacker also change yahoo email pasword. ...

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putera katak

My facebook page was hacked


Hello, We had a couple of Facebook fan pages that we had created. One page had about 150K fans and the other one had 12K. Day before yesterday, so...

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I can't access my please


Hello, i can't access my facebook account when I want to log in it says please verify your identity. and when I try security it says: (No verifica...

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Facebook says it a "blocked website"


Hello, I can't get on Facebook, it says it's a blocked website. I have 6 computers at home and I can't access it through any of them. It also says...

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Hacked facebook account!!


Hello, My friend's facebook account is hacked.. she can't login, because it says that her FB password was changed yesterday.. she can't even sign ...

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I need the facebook in english


Hello, I need the facebook in english. I went through the system given advices as well. But the problem is as I typ, everything is ...

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I cant load facebook


Hello, i try and load facebook with my laptop but it is the only site that will not load, it really annoys me. Every time it tries to load the messag...

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Yahoo browser and facebook not opening help!!


Pls help me asap.... Just yesterday my laptop is fine, just after the automatic configuration this morning, I cant open any yahoo browser...

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Facebook cant open


Hello, i want to ask that my facebook website doesn't open.when i try to open it but it display that it cant display this webpage.when i try to open...

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Mehar ali

Nobody can view my facebook profile


Hello, I've been having the same problem as a few others; nobody can view my profile or comments and now alot of my friends think that I've deleted t...

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Friend have blocking me


Hello, my friend have blocking me to view him,how to realese it?? Configuration: Windows 7 / Chrome 23.0.1271.97

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Facebook wont load right (solved) e-set)


Hello, I have had a problem with Facebook. and a few other sites not loading right and not displaying pages as they should be. after days of sear...

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How can i back my facebook?


Bonjour, Dear mister Facebook Who decides who must live or die? My account (adresse mail) / Group (nom) / Cause (nom) have been disabled on ...

Last reply on 10 Nov 2012 by
amina nour
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