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Windows 10 update broke wireless keyboard connection

Hello, System Configuration: Windows / Chrome 57.0.2987.133 Tke keyboard was working fine. Cumulative update installed on April 17. 2017 i...

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Keyboard some key not working

Hello, I have Lenovo laptop some of the key not working pls help. Ex. m, x, c, enter key System Configuration: Android / Chrome 56.0.2924.87

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Mixed up keys

Good day I have an Acer and I am having problems with typing a @ sign. I use shift 2 and get " I use shift " and get @ How can i turn this around....

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Wireless keyboard messed up; keys not working/doing different

Hello, I have a wireless Microsoft keyboard 800. The c, z, x, and v keys don't work at all, shift doesn't either, typing in a site into the toolbar an...

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My sony vaio keyboard not working


Hello, Hi I have sony vaio notebook and the keyboard is not working properly. I cant type letters of numbers and even the back space is not worki...

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Some keys are not working properlly

Hello, my keyboard is some letters are not display these letters "'E & D,C"'are not working

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Keyboard problem

as you can see whenever i press space it jumps spaces which is untypable on please help

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"q" key is replaced by set of random letters/symbols

Hello, My new keyboard has been typing "e[0jig-qer0KG'LFPIUgpgaeruhpaer:fg" instead of the actual "q" key. Never had something like this happen before...

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Toshiba Satellite laptop Spacebar will no work unless I use the Fn key with it. As well as several other keys. Any suggestions??

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My keyboard does not work, not even 1 key.

I recently spilled small amount of iced tea on my keyboard of Acer Gateway emachine. I quickly drained, then took the back of the laptop off checking...

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Backspace not working in youtube

So I recently noticed that I cannot use my backspace button on the YouTube site on PC. I also cannot click the video to pause, I have to click the pla...

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Keyboard won't type anything or respond


Hello, typing this with the touch keyboard. i have a logitech g910, and the extra buttons like the scroll for volume, pause and skip buttons work bu...

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How to make an invert-er


how to make an invert-er

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Some keys not typing

who can help, my BFGRTV 4 and 5 keys are not typing, what can I do?

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Strange keyboard issues

Hello, Today I noticed that my windows 10 computer has started acting as though I am using an Apple Mac keyboard. For example, when I press 'Shift K...

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Can't get "@" on the keyboard

Hello, I can't understand the language of the laptop b/s it is not English. so I can't get "@" on the keyboard the laptop model ...

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How to write @

Hello, how can i write @ on this computer please can you help me System Configuration: Windows / Internet Explorer 11.0

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Lifebook ah530 keyboard


hello guys I'm having a hard time on fixing my laptop keyboard the following keys are not working e,d,c,3,4,f4,f5. can someone give me the probable ca...

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About keyboard usage on toshiba laptop c55-c5219k

Hello, How can I type "@" on Toshiba laptop C55-C5219k ? System Configuration: Windows / Chrome 56.0.2924.87

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My keyboard want type a or x


Hello, My keyboard will type every letter except S or x System Configuration: Android / Chrome 56.0.2924.87

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Acer laptop new keyboard few keys are not working

hi i bought a new keyboard but some keys aren't working should i return it or its my laptop problem ??

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Cannot type certain letters e & s


Hello, System Configuration: Windows / Chrome 56.0.2924.87 I spilled a very small amount of lemonade on my keyboard and i cannot type e & s i have...

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Shift+ 2 key doesn't give @


Hi my shift+ 2 key doesnt ***@*** gives" insted.both my shift and 2 is working properly System Configuration: System Configuration: Android /...

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Uppercase letter problem

Hello, When I pressed any key all letter or alphabet comes in capital letter in both situation caps lock off or on how to solve this problem Syste...

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Some of my keys are mixed up.

My keys are all mixed up like for example a is q and w is z. And also all the keys with the different symbols have changed and to get the numbers i ha...

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Mouse curser isnt working

I tried both f5 and f9 with fn. still not working. Please help me

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Keyboard not typing

Hello, computer goes on lock down with typing until turned off and restarted. almost like a mute button for keyboard System Configuration: Windows...

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I have exact same problem

Hello, I have exact same problem, but I can not remove the battery from the laptop, because it is inside the body. please tell me how to solve the p...

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Upper symbol

Dunno what's wrong with my laptop I try pressing the upper symbol but it ain't working... I used shift to press bit still thesame

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Acer travelmate 8172 keyboard prlm plz do help

My acer travelmate 8172 keyboard is stopped toucpate is working but keyboard is not working plz help me

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Keyboard and mousepad problem

Hello, System Configuration: Windows / Chrome 55.0.2883.87 laptop keyboard and mousepad sometimes works and sometimes doesnt what is the problem any...

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I cant write @ on my pc/keyboard

Hello Guys! My keyboard cannot write the letter @ Its not just this keyboard I think that the pc has something wrong with it, but I dont know And t...

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Keyboard not working

Hello I just bought a cybertron pc and the Logitech keyboard that came with it the 1 on the keyboard is not.working anyone know why i tried reseting ...

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My keyboard won't work. its a new laptop

Hello, I just got a new laptop.. It doesn't type but the mouse works. I need help!

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Lenovo laptop typing wrong letters

My huband brought me a Lenovo Laptop fro Christmas and i push a letter button and its a deffrernt letter please help thank you

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Key word missing

in my laptop, one of my key word is placing in wrong side. if I press {shift+@} it will shown{ " } symbol. At the same time { shift+" } is shown { @...

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Acer not working

Hello, When I try to type the letters on my acer laptop that have the numbers on it (fn numbers) as well it will click the numbers when I need the ...

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Single command

Hello, My problem with my keyboard is that my keys were only operate with a single command. Meaning when I hold the backspace button it erases onl...

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My key board is not working

Hello, My windows 8 acer keyboard won't work since I try to clean the keyboard with alcohol,almost all the keys not working ? Configuration: iPhone...

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Can't log into my account

My phone was stolen and I changed my password but I can't login with my new password. Can you kindly help me cause I need to login to check my busines...

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Some keys of my laptop dont work

I have an HP PC and recently my 'o' & 'l' don't work. What shall I do.

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Dog broke my keyboard

Help!!! Finals are coming up and dog walked on my keyboard now it won't work!!:((( I've tried everything! Resetting my laptop has done nothing Please...

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My asus laptops alt is not working

Hello, i have an asus lap top for 2 or 3 year from now. im playin dota every single day. and this past few months alt stopped working. there are alt...

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Acer laptop keyboard and mouse touchpad suddenly stopped working


My keyboard and mouse touch pad suddenly stopped working when I unplugged my laptop and I tried all the fixes suggested on the internet. However, jus...

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Not working keyboard number

Hello, I have a HP laptop, both number 6 is not working in my Keyboard. Screen key board is working please help to me, Can I make shortcut key in...

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Forget yahoo password

I forgot my yahoo password and my phone no is deactivated ...and i want to access this account.please help yahoo id is removed by moderator@yah...

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Please help, problem with shift and control key

I had an old keyboard which had this problem and I bought a Deathstalker Chroma to see if it fixed it, but I still have the same problem. When playin...

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System is turning on as it is password protected


Hello, Configuration: Configuration: Windows 7 / Chrome 54.0.2840.99hi, hii, actually my system is turning on as it is password pro...

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Backspace, space, enter keys not working half the time

Hello, I have a Dell computer with the latest windows on it. Half the time the space bar doesn't work. And most if not all the time the backspace and ...

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Ps/2 keyboard on one of my hp laptops stopped working


I just wanted to verify that this actually works! The PS/2 keyboard on one of my HP laptops suddenly stopped working, for no apparent reason. Chec...

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