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Help me to add particular cells


Hello, i want to sum particular cells when a number consists in a cell eg:- =IF($B$81:$BH$81=7=TRUE,SUM($B$77:$BH$77),0) it calculates a...

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mathew munna

Macro/command button help


Hello, I am in need of some help here and would greatly appreciate it. Here is what I am trying to accomplish. I have a basic excel file with two s...

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Copy info from one excel sheet to another sheet


Hello, I am respectfully asking for assistance on an issue i am having trying to write a macro for a form that i am currently working on. I have ...

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What type does it want? (vba question)


Hello, So I have a pull-down list in Excel 2003 that is an expanded version of this: 011 012 01T 111 If I type in the cell (rather than ...

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Conditional formatting to hide 00:00 in column


Hello, I would be very grateful if there is somebody who could help me find the solution to what is most likely a simple problem. I don't have a grea...

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Help me on this formula to shorten


Hello, i have 2 formulas tick mark automatically on worksheet.. please help me if further it can be shortened.. i want to know if J1 K1 L1 can sho...

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Prefix 0 to all records in a column


Hello, I want to prefix 0(zero) to all records in a particular column of an excel sheet.Please let me know how to do it. Thanks for your time, Mano...

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Excel picture inserting macro help - urgent


Dear Rizvisa, please consider this little urgent and be kind to help me please I m trying to insert picture in excel column using macro which ta...

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How to count different charecters


Hello, Please help me to count different charecters like xpa, spa, spb xpb.. if any of this exist in the cell it should count. if xpa is in A1 spa...

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How can i transfer data from one spread sheet to another?


Hi, I'm working in excel and on one spreadsheet and I'm having to retype everything on to another spread sheet, I want to be able to have my data ...

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2 macros in one sheet targeting same cells


This is probably a really 'newbie' question but in all honesty, I'm new to macros and need some assistance. I have a macro written to automatically...

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Conditional formating to check text in another shell + numeric


I have some text in A column ( say xxx, yyy) and numeric value in Column B . Now i want to highlight the shell in column B with 4 condition . 1....

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Help me to count 2 cells


helo, please help me to count 2 celles A1 Is either 0 or 2, A2 is either 0 or 2 IF A1+A2=0 A3 should be 6, IF A1+A2=2 A3 Should be 3 if A1+A2...

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Lock cells in excel


After setting up VB to lock cells in Excel I now need to lock additional cells. I currently have the following script (kindly given by rizvisa1) which...

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Needs some help with a formula


Hello, Configuration: Windows XP / Firefox 33.0 Okay, here is a problem I've been dealing with for over an hour now. This should be easy, but ...

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Numbers & symbol ü (new challenge)


i need a formula to automatically check mark i.e(ü) mark a cell(eg:A1) if another cell (eg:H1)contains number:1 Condition is H1 may contain any numbe...

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Lock cell in excel worksheet with vb


I have an worksheet that I need to lock the cell based on the value of another cell. I have managed to create VB which will do this for one row but n...

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Insert multi rows between existing data


Hello, I am trying to create a macro that will insert a set amount of blank rows into a existing spreadsheet after each entry. The amount of rows ...

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Copy and insert rows and number of times


Hello, I have a sheet with over 800 rows. I need to copy each row and insert/repeat each entry 4 times below the preceding row. Example: Bef...

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If function formula based on three possible values from adjacent


Good morning all, Excel 2007 - I need a formula based on the three possible values from an adjacent cell. 1st value: : if F5 is a date, a simpl...

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Conditional formatting - highlight overdue dates


I am a beginner with conditional formatting and researching the net for an answer has left me more confused than when I began! I am working with Ex...

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Auto filter depending on cell value


Hello, I have data in a table, lets say the table is (A7:M200) and the Headings in this table is (A7:M7). Column 1 (A8:A200) is the accounts numbe...

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How to find out the data in six month record


Hello, I have six month excel attendance sheet. which formula can i use to know in which month which of the employee has left and who has joined?...

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Corrupt pptx files. need to repair them. please help!


Hey guys, there is big mess over here. Here I quote: I made some presentation files for promoting our new business. I showed them to my boss. She wa...

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Nested if then


Hello, I would like to have the contents of b1 displayed in m2 if t2=1, the contents of b2 displayed in m2 if t2=2, the contents of c1 displayed in...

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Lost password to pst file


Hi, I had a .pst file with a password set on MS Outlook 2010. Now I can't remember what the password is. How can I get back my emails? Thanks.

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How to format cells based on the text in another cell


Help me! I'm trying to conditionally format multiple cells based on different texts entered in another. For example: I have selected certain cells to...

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Insert/remove photos depending up on ref. cell value changing


Hello, I designed a Student Profile in excel using LOOKUP function. In this profile, near the Student Name title I created one drop down list of stu...

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Excel vba copy and paste loop with logic condition


Hi, I am new to VBA and would appreciate some help with a problem I am trying to solve. I would like a macro that is able to copy information f...

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Excel workbook with two sheets


Hi, i have an Excel workbook with two sheets and when i enter data in sheet #1 it automatically goes to sheet # 2. How on earth can i stop this fro...

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Auto transfer of a filtered item to a different sheet.


Hello everyone, I would like to ask for some help regarding some EXEL problems. Example: I want some data from sheet1 E columns to transfer to...

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Can't send email in outlook 7.


I have Outlook7. I can receive email with no problem, however, I can't send email. Anyone know a sure fix to this? I use pop and smtp. Thanks.

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Excel 2007 using vlookup function in vba


I have a list of name and employee number in sheet 1 in column a and b.. Then what i want is to by simply typing the employee number in sheet 2 column...

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Text string count within a cell


Hello, I have number of records (see below) and want to know if I can use a function to count the number of records that contain a specific te...

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Format a cell with a comment based on a comment in another cell


Hi, I need to format a cell with a comment based on a comment in another cell. So cell A1 might ask a question like is the window clean? B2 will...

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Macro to copy paste without having all the source books opened


Hello Kioskea users. I hope you're all doing great. Today I have a concern that I'm not able to figure out. Any help will be really appreciated. I...

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How to convert date to word in excel


how to convert Date to word in excel e.g. 05/01/1992 to change Five January, Ninteen Ninty two

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Automatically transfer data from one sheet to another


Hello, I have a workbook with 2 worksheets. Sheet 1 has about 400 line items. I would like to be able to select certain line items on Sheet 1 and ...

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Calculate total total hours per client


Hi, I have a spreadsheet in which employyees time are entered on a daily basis along with the client they worked for. The spreadsheet calculates ...

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How to count date cells for monday of this week


Hello, I would like to count the number of cells with date = to MONDAY of this current week and also MONDAY of the following week within a defined...

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Auto generate the seller sales report


Hi! I create a sales report and I set up total 6 worksheet Worksheet 1 I named it Price list ... is a Data for my sales report. and I set a co...

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Formula to increment date by seven days.


Hello Everyone, In a work sheet, I have an invoice date (say column A) and a due date (say column H) with the due date being seven days after the ...

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Automatically transfering rows from one sheet to another


Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help. I've created a spreadsheet to track all contracts complied within our department. I have a "Contract Sta...

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If function with date addition


Hello, I'm having trouble finding an answer as to how I can add 5 more days in my condition. I have 4 columns: one for an Order date (A2)...

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Dealing with 'today()' formula in excel vba code


Hi Everyone, I have this VBA code in a Excel sheet (specifically in the Module) which does the following: - finds the empty cell in range "B:B" -...

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Excel > macro for defined range dates


Hello, I've a question that I have starting date in Column "E3" Sheet 1 and ending date in Column "F3" Sheet 1. I want a macro that insert dates i...

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Game Start Now

How to copy data based on criteria met


Help! I am totally stuck and this is probably a very simple fix. I have two sheets "Priority Accounts" and "ACN Dashboard". I need to move data i...

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Having problems with office word 2010 can someone help?


Hello, I had to re-download Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010. Now whenever I save a Word document I winds up saving it as a WordPad document....

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Excel 2010 vba date formula


Hi, I am trying to get a formula setup so when you click on a cell in excel it automatically enters the date. I am using the formula below which wo...

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Copy values in row to columns in spaces


Hello, I am a beginner in VBA, and would mcuh appreciate some guidance on transposing data in a row to a column via VBA. My row data is as foll...

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