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Conditional formatting (> 3 conditions)


Hello, I am creating a grade book in EXCEL (Office 2003) and need to have more than three conditions for colouring the cells. Very simply, I have x...

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How to insert rows dynamically with in group


Hi, currently I am creating a macro, in to that I have data for row and columns. now I want to count the product in column A, with formula =counta (...

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Split and combine name


Hello, i have 200K data that need to be fix. let say: a1: Dr. John G. James and Mel James a2: John H. James a3: James X. Brian and Timothy F. ...

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Counting values in colums


Hello, can you help, with this i need to count the values in a colum let's say, row 5, colums b5 to b15 in those coloms are numbers, 0 and ...

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Macro to class interval


Hello, I have a workbook of employee data and at dth column i have ages of employee. in eth column i have to define age interval like. 18-25...

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How two count values matching other values


Hello, I'm been trying to figure this one out. Anybody can help? Thank you! Each student recorded both current weight and desired weight. For s...

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Excel less than but greater than


Hello, How would I get into L2 if J2=>10 then "lates", if J2=

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Vlookup sample problem


Hello, I'm trying to learn vlookup and I made this sample problem and I'm not sure how I could get the formula done correctly to get the value I n...

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Forgot admin system password/no cd drive


Hello, i have sony vaio PCG-R505TFP (with no CD -drive),how i can log-in to my system?? please help. all the solutions available on internet inc...

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How to add iferror to formula


Dear all i have an excel database which search for a word in a cell and if it finds it, it puts it in another cell. The problem is the sell contain...

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Excel if function


Hello, Could someone please help me with the following problem. I want to know how to do a if function in vba to search for a value (output), a...

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Lookup name & return column value


Hello, I am looking for assitance with a formula and all help would really be appreciated. I have 2 sheets sheet 1&2,on Sht1 is cells J2 & K2 w...

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Copy between workbooks from a third workbook.


Hello, I would like to make an excel macro that will sit in a stand alone workbook (Workbook1). This macro would select a single user-defined works...

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Formulas in conditional formatting


Hello, In Excel 2010, I'm trying to color entire rows in a spreadsheet based on values in a certain column. I have been able to do this for numbe...

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Dsi flash player


Hello, how do you download a flash player to a dsi to watch videos and watch and play other things plzConfiguration: Opera 9.50

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Ms excel


Hello, I want to use ms excel but i am not getting any option of ms excel in my computer how can i use ms excel when i don't have it.......? ...

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Hello, Please help! I have 4 columns A,B,C & D(sheet2)Col A got names and B a value for the name in A,Col C names and D values for the names in C. ...

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Lost password for user & admin


Hello, I'm trying to fix my brothers PC. The problem I'm having is he's running windows xp home edition SP3. The problem is he made a user a...

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Button to color sertain numbers (excel)


Hello, Im looking for a way to make a button color all numers equal to the the number on the button.. as an eksample, lets say i have a row of...

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Import excel data into mysql database


Hello, This is Nischala .Can any one suggest me wheather we can import excel sheet data into mysql database using .net application( or asp....

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Er.mayank khandelwal

If-then statement to copy rows


Hello, I am wondering if there is a way to copy a specific row from one worksheet to another in the same workbook based on an IF-Then statement. ...

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Excel macro assistance


Hello, I have a macro running a process of performing a couple of formulas in a workbook that uses VLookup. Every week I have to re-edit the r...

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Converting date in vba excel


Hello, I have a spreadsheet that has: Column A: Year Column B: Month Column C: Day Is there a way to convert these 3 columns into the actu...

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Ms excel 2007 if function problems.?


Hello, I need immediate assistance. basically i am trying to use the IF function to display less than 18 "no", more than 18 "yes". but if 23.5/...

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How to remove password in 3230


Hello, how to remove the password in 3230? if u no any software means plz sent me d link to dis email ID , thanks. E-Mail ID is removed f...

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Excel macro copy data to next sheet using <


Hello, I'm looking some time now around this forum and ditn't find what i'm looking for. So i'm just gonna ask it here and hopefully someof your s...

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Macro to fill down in a range


Hello, Thanks to all who provide help on this site. I'm new to writing macros so hopefully you might be able to steer me in the right direction wi...

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Forgot my laptobp bios password


Hello, i am having compaq laptop and i just add bios password and now i forgot what i type is there anyway to break it ? Any help will be greatly ap...

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Excel copy and paste


Hello, I have been given a list of 200 codes but they are in the wrong order. for example it goes 12378945610. so i want to swap the 456 and the 789...

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Excel - check rows for data, copy to new


Heya folks! I've been reading the answers to similar questions and I plan to try and patch something together, but I thought I'd put a (more) specifi...

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Unlock password of kingston msd card 1 gb...


Hello, my 1 GB MSD CARD is locked due to password error, means I have forgot password. plz help me how to unlock it? Is it possible to unlock with...

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Lookup or find in excel help


Hello, I have 2 data sheets sheet one contains my Master list of items by number Row 1 Column 1: 453658 Row 2 Column 1: 839565 Etc my secon...

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Ms excel, stripping out char(10) data


Hello, I working in Excel with VBA and have 5 or 6 rows of data located within 1 cell. The user has decided to use Alt-Enter whilst entering the da...

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Security password


Hello, i have forgotten my previous security code,nd when iam trying to change it ,it neede my previous security code....plzz help me Configura...

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If advance function


Hello, Ok here is the situation Data is 9:00 am 4:30 pm Now i want the If Formula to function , that if the range between 9:00 am to 4:3...

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Can ping but can't use browser in normal mode


Hello, I also have the problem where I was unable to connect to the internet via any browser, but I can ping my router. I noticed that turning off...

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Brain Drained ;-)

Excel work sheet how to i open


Hello, When i am trying to open an exel sheet saved from windows 7 platforms, i am unable to open in windows xp plantform. the file that i was co...

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Copy rows n times and then fill a series


Hello, This is variation of a question that has been answered previously. Does anybody know how I can repeat rows in a spreadsheet by n number of...

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Dell inspiron mini password removal


Hello, i need help trying to unlock my dell inspiron mini. I get passed the hdd password by inserting all 0's. then it brings me to my account th...

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Automate an email address from a name


Hello, I have a list of names, (first and sirname) in Cell A1. In cell A2 i would like excel to populate the email address by getting the name in ...

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Forgot password


Hello, my handset is samsung sGH-M200, for the security i give the password but now i forgot it so please help me, what can i do to remove the pas...

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Mobile password


Hello, i forget my 3110c security password how can i restore my mobile..rply please and thanks for any help. Configuration: Windows 7 / Firefo...

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Dell password


Hello, please ,we still need the password for DELL XPS M 1330. service tag: # 4qkl94j-595B Configuration: Windows XP / Internet Explorer...

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Pie chart in excel


hi there im trying to make a pie chart in excel but i don't really know where to start...can someone help me thanx!

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How to interchange the columns in notepad


Hello, I have data in three columns. I want to inter change the values of first two columns without changing the third one in notepad or in word p...

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I forget my mobile password


Hello, i'm using micromaxx q5(fb). i forget my mobile pls tel me how to recitfy that Configuration: / Opera 9.80

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Excel sum greater than but less than


Hello, I am trying to get a cell to show the answer if - The date in B5 minus the date in B10 is less than 60 but more than 30 then F10 should sh...

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My word file documents given adobe properties


Hello, I have downloaded A new adobe reader and I found that all my word document files have appeared in my desktop as having PDF properties. I hav...

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Unlock password


Hello, i 4 got the password of mobile security of my mobile nokia n 73, so please tell how to unlock Configuration: Windows XP / Internet Explo...

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Comditional formatting relative recording vba


Hello, I want to compare a cell to its adjacent cell on the left. If the value of the selected cell is higher I'd like to colour it green, if it's...

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