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Excel formatting question

Hello, I am trying to figure our how to get the cell to return either a "0" or a blank look when there are no values using the formula in place. This...

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Hello, what shall i do to change the language to French in word?

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I need it on my computer

please send me the software of mirosoft word

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Word 2007

Hello, I have just install word 2007 on my pc cracked and patched it as well...but the problem is that i can't use it properly i can't copy or paste ...

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Problem while opening a file

Hello, am using office 2007, i dont why when i save my works when am at the office, i can't open the file when am at home?

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Excel problems

Hello, I've been using microsoft excel for a long time now but i can't remember how to deal with the formulas and i don't remember how to use the row...

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Office fonts plz


Hi all. I have some special added fonts on my computer n would like to have some more.. So plz help me find some new ones..

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Pics from phone to pc

Hi all, First of all... I'm sorry, mods, if this is in the wrong place for my post. Here is my question: how can I transfer some pics from ...

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Off2007 & sharept2.0: link lost to save back.

hi all, I have an issue I don't find a solution to in spite of my researches on many forums. I'm running Vista Enterprise and I'm working on Off...

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