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  • How to unlink my Tiktok account from Tiktok for Business ? Solved

    Hello, Good morning ! A few week ago, I made the mistake of upgrading my Tiktok account to Tiktok for business. Now I would like to separate the t...

    JackJack | Latest reply: Kwroam Sep 02
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  • How i can get more likes and view on my tiktok account? Solved

    Hello,  I create a new tiktok account. How i can get more likes and views on my account. Any hint?

    Abid_Qureshi | Latest reply: Gtip_8062 Jul 15
    1 reply
  • Watermark shows different ID Solved

    I already found the solution thanks 

    Yu | Latest reply: HelpiOS Jul 11
    5 replies
  • Recover TikTok account Solved

    Hello, Please give me my TikTok account

    surajraj768 | Latest reply: HelpiOS Jun 05
    1 reply
  • How can I use my website in tiktok? Solved

    Hi Hope you are fine, I have my website in WordPress but I also want to promote my website on TikTok. can anyone give me proper suggestions on how ...

    Tonny_Robins | Latest reply: vinner0755 Jun 03
    3 replies
  • Can I download third-party videos from Tiktok and post to other social networks? Solved

    Hello, Is it okay if I use the third-party video to post to other social media, such as Kwai, YouTube or Instagram?

    Antoniobaiano | Latest reply: HelpiOS May 02
    2 replies
  • How to download TikTok Solved/Closed

    Hi, I want to download tiktok Thanks

    Omarcarpio | Latest reply: HelpiOS Oct 17, 2021
    1 reply
  • Searching video Solved/Closed

    Hello, i'm looking for an old TikTok video. This IS about 2 men if i remember right, they was singing one After the other and repeating other lyrics....

    Nashoba | Latest reply: HelpiOS Sep 1, 2021
    1 reply
  • Tiktok followers Solved/Closed

    Hello, I want to boost my tiktok account. I found this app that boosted my followers a little i think. Do any one know this app does it realy wo...

    TiktokMaster | Latest reply: David Webb Mar 29, 2021
    1 reply
  • reply comment with video Solved/Closed

    Hi there! I see many tiktokers replying comments with videos, I tried to do the same but it looks like I have to post a totally new video while I'd l...

    Rubens94 | Latest reply: Rubens94 Feb 21, 2021
    2 replies
  • Website for downloading copyright-free music? Solved/Closed

    Hi there! I don't like the TikTok music library very much, and I don't like the fact that TikTok almost doesn't offer any editing options. I'd rather...

    Rubens94 | Latest reply: Rubens94 Feb 1, 2021
    3 replies
  • About the TIK TOK Live Solved/Closed

    Q1: Ok , i have my account since was Musically ( 2016 ) and i had 4.000 followers , now in 2 last years i have 7.380 followers I'm 20 years old and i ...

    Yellowboy | Latest reply: David Webb Dec 14, 2020
    3 replies
  • best time to publish Solved/Closed

    Hi! I got this chart of my followers' activity throughout the day. Apparently the best time to publish is 8 p.m. - however I have this doubt: after ...

    Rubens94 | Latest reply: Rubens94 Nov 30, 2020
    3 replies
  • Copyright and fair use: how does it work? Solved/Closed

    Hi all! I would like to publish educational videos about several topics, from animal evolution to historical events, but I'm confused about what kind...

    Rubens94 | Latest reply: HelpiOS Oct 18, 2020
    3 replies
  • Downloading Solved/Closed

    How can I download tic toc to a kindle fire hd 8.9

    Goetlerbm | Latest reply: HelpiOS Jul 5, 2020
    1 reply
  • Live Option Open Solved/Closed

    Hello, Dear Tiktok Team I have across 6.1k Followers . But i don't get the Live option. Please give me Live feature. Thank you. Tik-Tok ID @sab...

    @sabitasrikanta | Latest reply: HelpiOS Jun 28, 2020
    1 reply
  • How to Get TikTok Live Solved/Closed

    Hello, Live option open

    Rajneesh | Latest reply: David Webb Jun 10, 2020
    1 reply
  • TikTok Live Stream after 1000 fans Solved/Closed

    I have completed my 1000 fans after then I have not came on live stream

    A4ansh | Latest reply: David Webb May 19, 2020
    3 replies
  • TikTok Live Solved/Closed

    How do I get the TikTok Live option? I have over 20k followers.

    ravi_9764 | Latest reply: David Webb May 18, 2020
    2 replies
  • How to download TikTok app in Samsung Z2 phone? Solved/Closed

    Hello, How to download TikTok app in Samsung Z2 phone?

    AwezKhan | Latest reply: Abhishek Mar 1, 2020
    4 replies
  • download playstore Solved/Closed

    Hello, friends I am tamil , Please help me, my phone - samsumgz4 not downloading playstore / Tiktok if any one knows how please help.

    sankar | Latest reply: HelpiOS Jan 2, 2020
    2 replies
  • i want to download tik tok in Samsung z2 Solved/Closed

    Hello, I want to download TikTok app in Samsung Z2 smartphone. Please help!

    Layebakhan | Latest reply: ajay Sep 5, 2019
    5 replies