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Slow internet after xp sp3


Hi- Installed SP3 this week and my internet connection (tested using has dropped from 2.5mbps to 1mbps. Anyone know a quick fix? ...

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Win.xp.sp3 computer no sound

win.xp.sp3 computer got no sound after reinstalling ,however device mgr. show no exlamation marks next to sound,controlers,there is no yellow warning...

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How to boot windows xp with pendrive

how boot my pc from bootable pendrive about windowXP but my pc is old around 10 year old reply my personal data store is there Plzzzzzzzzzzzz.. hel...

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Blue screen

Ok, This is driving me nuts I have another laptop with Windows XP as the operating system. One day I was just Starting up my PC. IT WON'T TURN ON... I...

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Dell inspiron admin password


Hey guys I bought a Dell inspRion e1405 laptop from a yard sell I ask them is there a password I was told home and I turned it on to Windows...

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Reset toshiba laptop to default settings

Hi. I don't know what to do with this.... I have a Toshiba Satellite Window XP

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Motherboard ok, hard disc ok, mouse off, and no display screen

Hello, System Configuration: Windows / Chrome 60.0.3112.90mouse off, no display screen

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Dell inspirion laptop factory reset

What are a few different ways to factory reset my Dell inspirion laptop without the cd?

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Lost sound after reinstalling win.xp sp3

after reinstalling win.xp sp3 me pc.there is no sound of speakers,only sometimes irritating screeching (humming sound)nothing else q: opening -me de...

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Blue screen apearing in windows xp while working

Hello, i have facing problem with windows xp while my system in working condition automatically blue screen appearing ,in that time nothing...

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Windows xp install problem


Hello, I'm using a HP Mini laptop Model=Hp Mini 110-3000 Product No=XC662PA#ACJ Serial No= CNC0283GZC BIOS Revision=F.07 when I open ...

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Administrator password

I have an older windows XP tower that I forgot the password on. I've tried the F5 and F8 in safe mode and in command and it still wants my password. ...

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Windows xp service pack 1,2,3

Where and how to down loud

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Upgrade windows xp to windows 7

How to Update from Windows xp To Windows ?? Cuz Every time i Tried, the Error comes "Windows cannot Retrieve the information about the disks drives fr...

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How to restore data from bkf file when file not accessible?

Please provide suggestion, so that i am restore all the data from bkf file properly.

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Windows xp doesn't start

When i start the computer windows xp, it doesnot start even I press the safe mode, it stays there only and when i click last configuration it shows on...

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Unable to open any programs in windows xp


Hello, I have been troubled by this error. I am unable to open any programs in my machine. I have XP as the OS. Please help. When I click on any ...

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Window xp working with new products ?

How can use my Window X P, PC with the updated program such as Pandora updated connectivity,which are not comparable to window X P ?

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Payment due?

Hello, I have not received a bill this month of June. What are my payment dates? System Configuration: Windows / Chrome 49.0.2623.112

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Not connect to wifi

Hello, Hi i am using window xp laptop but there is no option of wifi so how can i get wifi option through any software System Configuration: An...

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Error start windows

Hello, I am reinstalling windows XP Pro on my Dell laptop. Also I dont have the original dell disks that came with the computer, but a Windows CD ...

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Language change

Please help me change my language it's set on Español and I don't know or understand it I need to put it on English it's a HD laptop. Please please ...

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Installing windows xp some files not copied

Hello, I installed win XP and when installing some files not copied I skip files after completing installing and restarted win XP is not working a b...

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Installing xp on an empty hard drive

Hello, I bought a laptop that had windows 7 but I wanted to to down grade it so I boot the xp disk ect.ect.but as I'm installing it says". Cannot c...

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Free copy

Hello, Can I send or save a free copy of this software to my D drive floppy disc? System Configuration: Windows / Firefox 53.0

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Forgot all passwords


Hello, I forgot my windows xp password for both username and administrator. i also dont have any reset device in my computer. The computer is hcl le...

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Physical dump of memory

Hello, My windows xp says that it is beginning dump of physical memory and I can get pass that page. Pls help

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Keyboard and monitor no signal

Please help me solve my PC issue. After cleaning the CPU and removed the CMOS battery, my PC's monitor will prompt "No Signal" and the keyboard has no...

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Internet explorer deleted accidently

Hello, My little brother deleted Internet Explorer files accidentally my computer was all normal but recently no browser was browsing and the connec...

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Computer wont turn on

Hello, i had windows xp. it asked for disk check but i canceled it.. but later when i tried to turn it on, it only showed green light. the fan w...

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Microsoft fail high speed internet to activate windows xp

Hello, Why does microsoft fail to use my LAN or HIGH SPEED INTERNET connection to activate WINDOWS XP?

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Sounds drivers problem

Hello, I installed Windows xp on my pc name:Dell Intel core 2 .I used a cd to update the driver. All driver was updated but Audio. ....driver was no...

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My dell inspiron 9400 won't bios

Hello- One day, my Dell was working perfectly fine...The next, it gave me the BLACK SCREEN OF DEATH! I was devastated...So I took it to Best Buy, a...

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My computer won't start PC won't start....Start Windows normally....Press Enter.....And Hang my computer....Please i need solution...?

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How to get dell computer out of power saving mode

Hello, How do I get my Dell computer out of power saving mode? I haven't used my desktop in about 2 years.

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Forgot my admin password


Hello, I forgot my password for Windows XP laptop. When i tried signing in through safe mode it still ask for the password. And i cant go any forw...

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Computer is not booting

Hello, I am facing a situation that my computer is not booting up. My monitor wakes up , fan runs in smps a green light on cpu turns on, mouse light...

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Microphone driver for windows xp


Hi, I have a microphone and I want to use it but I can't use it because it is not working. Do I need any drive to use it? Plz tell me that what can ...

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Setupdd.sys file fail

Hello, I have a dell xps 600 I tried to download a OS Windows xps and it get all the way to where it shows my partitions and it says they are all empt...

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Pc is needing the windows asr disk

Dear Sir/Madam . I am trying to restore my old IBM T 43 Think Pad . Original Installed Software Windows XP professional, My PC is needing the Wind...

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What service packs are necessary?

I just wanna use my 'puter for learning to program in perl, get downloads and emails. What hotfixes, updates, or whatever do I need?

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Screen is black

Hello, Please help me. My screen went black. System Configuration: iPad / Safari 600.1.4

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Computer stuck on safe mode

I know a young disabled man who's computer seems to be stuck on this safe mode and I tried to fix it for him without luck. "Routine" is what this you...

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How to give password to the folder with out any software


these is for windows xp and 7 .....rpy

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No sata to ide or ahci

Hi, I do not have settings in BIOS for changing from SATA to IDE or AHCI. Just date ,clock, device boot order, secure boot, and turning on or of boo...

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Xp bios issue

Hello, I checked my BIOS setting and I have no 'Serial ATA', looked all over but nothing related to this. Please help! Many Thanks!

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Sound drivers for windows xp sp3


Hello, Sound drivers for Windows XP sp3.

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Blank screen

Please help me. I have no idea what is going on.My Windows XP pc is blank after start up.I can't open safe mode or anything else.I only see white scre...

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Have 128gb sdxc card online now it says to insert disc in drive

Hello, System Configuration: Android / UC Browser snehal from india I recently purchased 128gb Samsung Evo micro SDXC card online an...

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Help me how to unlock laptop lg l's 70 window xp


Hello Help me how solved my laptop ii.forget my password then the display screen is system not found pls help me Lg L's 70 window xp edition

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