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  • Reboot loop, windows 98 replacement for xp Closed

    Hello saviors, My computer is going through a reboot loop and when I use safe mode or anything else, it doesn't work. Windows XP is installed on i...

    Kenny | Latest reply: xpcman Oct 11, 2009
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  • driver problem when down grade vista to xp Closed

    Hello, i down grade my hp pavillion dv5 1214 el to xp before, it was windows vista but i have problem nw how to install the video driver ati radeo...

    jad_kcp | Latest reply: xpcman Oct 10, 2009
    1 reply
  • On Dual boot, Window XP is not booting Closed

    Hello, I have window xp pro running on HP desktop computer. The computer has been fine for quite some times until two days ago when I installed windo...

    IKE99 | Latest reply: dancedhall Oct 10, 2009
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  • xp pro forgot user password will reinstall of Closed

    Hello, i installed xp pro on my hp pavillion laptop ive forgotton my admin password if i reintall xp home edition from origonal boot disk will th...

    trippiest | Latest reply: LouisSteph Oct 10, 2009
    1 reply
  • HP Pavilion dv4 1155se conversion to xp Closed

    Hello, I'm trying to do a conversion from Windows Vista 64-bit to Xp Pro since our company VPN client and hardware do not play well with Vista. I h...

    hagman00 | Latest reply: dancedhall Oct 9, 2009
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  • audoio driver for cq40 425tu with OS xp Closed

    Hello, i had install sucessfully installed windows xp in my compaq presario cq 40 425tu... but i'm not getting any audio driver for it......please pl...

    issu | Latest reply: closeup22 Oct 9, 2009
    1 reply
  • vista to xp install problem for cq-40 Closed

    Hello, i bought in compaq presario cq-40 laotop. already install in win vista. but now i try to install win xp. at that time hdd not found. p...

    csasakthi | Latest reply: onea97 Oct 9, 2009
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  • Windows XP reboot at loading screen Closed

    Hello, i am having a problem with my computer when i start it up it starts up fine until it hits the windows xp loading screen so i thought i could ...

    o hellz yea | Latest reply: LouisSteph Oct 7, 2009
    1 reply
  • windows installer problem on xp for iturne Closed

    Hello, I downloaded itunes 7 on my computer. When I did it would not recognize my ipod. It said I needed to reload itunes . So I called apple ...

    Toby | Latest reply: closeup22 Oct 6, 2009
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  • Dual Boot with Xp and 7 w/o loosing any of xp Closed

    Hello, Current setup: Win XP Pro with all service packs installed. Boot drive setup as stripe RAID. 99.9GB Capacity; Used 41.1GB (winxp); 58....

    PDX Man | Latest reply: PDX Man Oct 6, 2009
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  • Tried to reinstall windows xp home edition Closed

    Hello, I have a dell computer, not sure what type or anything got it from a friend, well i tried to reinstall windows xp home edition. well like whe...

    heathermcnatt | Latest reply: closeup22 Oct 5, 2009
    1 reply

    Hello, dwe

    sah | Latest reply: closeup22 Oct 5, 2009
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  • MS OFFICE XP for the First Time Closed

    Hello, "The expected version of the product was not found on your system" is prompted whenever I try to run MS Office XP on either SP1, SP2, or SP3...

    DBAB | Latest reply: LouisSteph Oct 5, 2009
    1 reply
  • install windows xp Closed

    Sir, I have a HP CQ 40-108 laptop I am using vista but I can't install xp. how can I install xp in my laptop.

    shanto | Latest reply: babin lonston Oct 5, 2009
    2 replies
  • windows installer problems in xp Closed

    Hello, i can't install java, adobe, or webshots on my windows xp. funny thing it did install foxit reader. i get an error message windows installer c...

    sweetstikythang | Latest reply: iveal Oct 4, 2009
    1 reply
  • Windows XP startup files Solved/Closed

    Hello, I recently reinstalled widows XP Professional on my desk top. Now when I start the computer I get a blackscreen message asking weather I want ...

    glanzerp | Latest reply: dancedhall Oct 3, 2009
    1 reply

    Hello,plz guys i always get a bluescreen when installing windows xp on my dv6-1030us,which says....if this is d first time of seeing this....remove vi...

    RealComet | Latest reply: closeup22 Oct 3, 2009
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  • forgotten e-mail password for windows xp Closed

    Hello, cannot get into my e-mails forgotten password please help!

    conk | Latest reply: closeup22 Oct 3, 2009
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  • hp pavlion dv6 1053 win xp driver required Closed

    Hello, I want the hp pavilion dv6 drivers can any body tell me whre i find it as on hp site i dont find any xp drivers for it

    wasiq | Latest reply: wasiq Oct 1, 2009
    2 replies
  • Speakers on windows XP Closed

    Hello, I can not get my speakers to work on my windows XP.

    Patti | Latest reply: dancedhall Oct 1, 2009
    1 reply
  • window xp homepage is not visible Closed

    Hello, yesterday i was troubleshooting with a window xp. bcuz i wanted to view a movie in window media player. i was able to listen to the movie but ...

    Sol | Latest reply: closeup22 Oct 1, 2009
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  • Bootable xp cd Closed

    Hello, How to create a bootable xp cd ?

    sarbel.vilo | Latest reply: Mwanasoft Oct 1, 2009
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  • Where my XP home sp3 bluetooth device Closed

    Hello, I use a Fujitsu/Siemens XP home sp3 laptop sans any bluetooth facility, as far as I can determine. There is no Bluetooth facility on the MS XP...

    James | Latest reply: James Oct 1, 2009
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  • toshiba satilite A100 and os is XP Closed

    Hello, iam using tosiba A100 and its os is XP , plz help me to restore to factory settings

    anewindian | Latest reply: dancedhall Sep 30, 2009
    1 reply
  • sound drivers not functional on XP Closed

    Hello, I am not able to install sound drivers on my laptop(compaq cq40). Request to post to my suggestion and also frequently my laptop gets hanged...

    Pavan | Latest reply: dancedhall Sep 30, 2009
    1 reply
  • windows xp home edition keeps freezing Closed

    Hello, When I start up my computer,it gets the windows XP screen and the bar starts loading it, its gets to just before its about to crank right up...

    toni | Latest reply: LouisSteph Sep 30, 2009
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  • Downgrade vista to xp Closed

    i want no more vista on my laptop cannot install vista gettng error plese hellp

    kelly | Latest reply: closeup22 Sep 29, 2009
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  • change system from xp to vista Closed

    Hello, im buying a new cpu comuter with xp system i want to change my system to win vista home premium can you help me ? if you can , sent the me...

    stan | Latest reply: Mwanasoft Sep 29, 2009
    4 replies

    Hello, sir i am very sad that i don't install windows xp in my laptop . in windows vista speed was too slow.I am facing many other software problem ...

    SURENDRA | Latest reply: evablue13 Sep 29, 2009
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  • installation of win xp on vista based CQ40 Closed

    Hello, someone please tell me how to install win xp on the vista based CQ40 compaq laptop. When I try to install win xp it gives error massage "drver...

    narendra | Latest reply: holy2050 Sep 29, 2009
    10 replies
  • Windows XP Home edition Svc pack 3 Closed

    Hello, Once i power my desktop computer, the window screen downloads and it doesnt go to the next screen which i supposed to log in but in oth...

    Sneaki | Latest reply: Asten M Sep 28, 2009
    1 reply
  • HP DV6 1110eo Problem to Downgrade to XP Closed

    Hello, Can some on plz help me, i have a Hp DV6 1110eo Laptop i well downgrade this laptop to Win Xp, i have vista in this machines, i well down...

    yasir | Latest reply: Yasir Sep 28, 2009
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  • xp logoff quickly Closed

    my computer after logon automatically logoff quickly. pls tell me the solution.

    Jack | Latest reply: closeup22 Sep 28, 2009
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  • How to install XP on Vista Closed

    Hello, I have HP Pavillion Entertainment PC DV6700 & I formatted it completely Now situation is I am unable to install Any OS,,Vista, Xp,WIn2000, ...

    Sam | Latest reply: Bootlegger Sep 27, 2009
    3 replies
  • how to install XP on Toshiba L305 Closed

    Hello, i have a big problem here, hope u can help me.. i need to install XP to Toshiba L305, if u don't mind please help with write step by step, th...

    Mike | Latest reply: closeup22 Sep 27, 2009
    1 reply
  • install xp on HP pavilion dv6-1110ej Closed

    Hello, i got dv6-1110ej laptop with vista home it is a "shXt" i want to install xp but i didn't find the correct sata driver for it thank you in...

    maoznet | Latest reply: closeup22 Sep 27, 2009
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  • XP and Vista to share printer Closed

    Hello, I get internet service on 3play play. The modem hooked to a wireless route gives me internet on xp note book and vista notebook. I will like...

    Oz | Latest reply: xpcman Sep 26, 2009
    1 reply
  • Changing Windows Vista to Windows XP Closed

    Hello, Can I change Windows Vista to Windows Xp on my HP pavillion 6500 without the product CD?

    KYJ17 | Latest reply: xpcman Sep 26, 2009
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  • xp wont boot up Closed

    Hello, i cant boot up to my desk top. the start up shows the xp start up screen and then the toshiba start up screen over and over but never gets to ...

    ernie | Latest reply: Bootlegger Sep 26, 2009
    2 replies
  • how we change the welcome screen of window xp Closed

    Hello, please give me the answer

    pun | Latest reply: Asten M Sep 25, 2009
    1 reply
  • Windows XP unable to format. Closed

    Hello, I got problem while install Windows XP...during format process ( I choose Format in NTFS), occurred message " Windows unable to format your di...

    Masanori | Latest reply: sadgurl Sep 25, 2009
    1 reply
  • Re:downloading window xp for toshiba Closed

    Hello, Can you help me to download window xp for toshiba due to currupt of my computer window

    Mhina | Latest reply: sadgurl Sep 25, 2009
    1 reply
  • Windows XP not allowing me to log in Closed

    So, here's the deal. I was installing a couple of programs on my computer last night to take an online class. No problem there, but when I went to r...

    Kommidus | Latest reply: closeup22 Sep 24, 2009
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  • aspire 3680 XP Driver needed Closed

    Hello, I have an aspire 3680 and i have put xp on it but i cant find the PCi driver video controller networking controller ethernet controller mass s...

    robert | Latest reply: closeup22 Sep 24, 2009
    1 reply
  • requried sound drivers for xp Closed

    Hello, i have installed the xp operating system in my laptop now i am not getting the sound so i need the sound drivers for my model dell insprion ...

    santo | Latest reply: dancedhall Sep 24, 2009
    1 reply
  • Need windows xp drivers Closed

    Hello, i am using hp pavilion dv5 1203ax laptop with windows vista home basic,now i want to change winodws vista to windows xp so i need windows xp d...

    sagar | Latest reply: khbasha Sep 24, 2009
    2 replies
  • not working win xp for hp dv 2000 Closed

    Hello,my laptop hp dv 2000 canot install wen xp how i can inestall wen xp booting time not comnig hdd

    noufal | Latest reply: xpcman Sep 23, 2009
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  • xp installation Closed

    Hello, installing xp2 at that time setup cannot access this disk,this error message is to solve this problem?

    shyam | Latest reply: msmirza Sep 23, 2009
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  • satellite l350-17p want to change vista to xp Closed

    Hello, I have a new satellite l350-17p laptop with vista and i don't like it i want to put my windows xp on it, but when i put in the disc a blue err...

    lexyk | Latest reply: dancedhall Sep 23, 2009
    1 reply

    G'day all im unsure weather it could be done or not but here goes i have a 20 GB hard drive installed on a spare computer that my son use's to do h...

    SILENTXTC | Latest reply: SILENTXTC Sep 23, 2009
    3 replies