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Low speed for downloading video from youtube

Hello, sir it's working.thank's for ur help ADSL2+Router is a modem or router? i' m using this device for connecting it good or not? ...

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I can't download videos from youtube


Hello, I always use YouTube downloader to download videos from the video platform. But, after I tune up my system, I can't download videos from the...

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Download music from youtube to my computer


Hello, am called david, how can i download music from youtube to my computer i will be very graetiful wen given advice.thanx Configuration: W...

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Cant watch youtube on windows ce 6.0 arm.


Hello, I just bought this windows ce 6.0 notebook for my son for a birthday present and I cant figure out how to get youtube to play. I try t...

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Youtube downloader remote file

Hello, Hello, i am parwez .....i always use youtube downloader download videos from youtube...but now a days i can't download anymore c...

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Only audio can be heard in youtube

Hello, Configuration: Windows XP / Firefox 4.0 will you please tell me why i cant watch youtube videos? as i have isntalled adobe flash pla...

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Youtube has no video


Hello, My Youtube has a sound, but no video. I was listening to some music and then I clicked on a new song and no video appeared. What should...

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I can't get audio in youtube

Hello, I can't get audio in Youtube and in internet,though Windows media player is working alright.I use windows xp.I tried the fix suggestd by Al...

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No player bar in youtube

Hello, I have been on youtube today and i noticed the player bar on youtube videos has gone missing. I have been using AdBlock Plus on Firefox and i t...

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Unable to upload my video to youtube

Hello, hi I am unable to upload self made video on you tube yet videos predownloaded from youtube itself is getting uploaded me with...

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No sound on youtube or any video/audio site


Hello, I am trying to get sound on internet explorer again. I can listen to sound on windows explorer but when I try to hear a video or hear a song ...

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About youtube sound

hello sir, i cant heard sound on youtube & others online video ar songs....... bt i can heard other downloaded video or songs..... wht can i ...

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About playing youtube

Hello, sir/madam i cannt play youtube on my labtop please sir tell me how can play youtube on my labtop? before on day youtube was played but writ...

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Youtube is not worrking in w705

Hello, my youtube is not playing video properly. No sound, no video. Time goes on but not A/V. Can anybody help. Im using PTCL 4MB Broadband and...

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Cant open gmail, orkut, youtube

Hello, Hi guys i cant open sites such as gmail, orkut, youtube...they ust dont load on my pc but all other sites do... i tried to open it using 5 di...

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No sound when playing youtube videos

Hello, my SPEAKERS are not working on internet like when i'm listening to youtube or any videos in the internet but when I played those songs th...

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How do i view youtube videos in ie8?

Hello, I have Window XP sp3 as the operating system and adobe flash player 10 installed. I have been able to watch you tube videos and ABC I view ...

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Youtube download

Hello, i had downloaded in ma desktop by youtube downloader but m not able to play ,,,,,,,,kindly suggest Configuration: Windows XP / Safari...

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I'm facing problem with my youtube.

Hello, i need a help as my youtube is not working at all. everything in you tube appear but the video is not playing-the play button doesn't appe...

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I cant open youtube

hi every one . iam from libya and it seems that the youtube had louked and we cant open it but i have some freinds they told me that they can . they ...

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Youtube hangs-up

Hello, Configuration: Windows 7 / Internet Explorer 8.0i have a problem on my youtube always hung up everytime i want to play a vedios can i ...

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Can't watch youtube videos


Hello, I am unable to watch Youtube videos, please tell me what I should do to get the problem solved. Thanks in advance. Configuration:...

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Uploading a video on youtube


Hello, How do you upload a video on you tube? Thanks. Configuration: Windows Vista / Firefox 3.6.10

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Youtube javascript turn on ...?

Hello, When i opened youtube , i can't watch videos ... it said that ... you have either javascript turned off ... i wonder where can i tur...

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Youtube videos load up and sometimes they don

Hello, for some reason that youtube videos load up and sometimes they don't would it be bugs and viruses on youtube or would it be something else tha...

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Youtube player not playing at all


Hello, When i get on YouTube, its player is refusing to play, please tell me what's the problem. Thanks. Configuration: Windows XP / Firefo...

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Youtube wont work plz help


HELP youtube says "Hello, you either have JavaScript turned off or an old version of Adobe's Flash Player. Get the latest Flash player. " i download i...

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Youtube videos not playing

Hello, While getting on You Tube for viewing videos, a message is prompted saying that I must have me Javascript enabled or get the latest Flash P...

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Can't download youtube videos


Hello, I haven't been able to download youtube videos for quite some time. Youtube downloader (save2pc) shows HTTP/1.1 404 not found. Error 3. How c...

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Can't view youtube on my 7" mini notebook

Hello, I bought a 7" Mini Notebook from E-Bay and it was shipped from over seas, it doesn't want to contect to the internet very well and I cannot...

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Youtube wont work properly

Hello, I have fire fox browser the problem is that some of the videos in youtube that i want to play shows that they are fully loaded in the seek ...

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Youtube videos google chrome has encountered

Hello, when i try to open youtube first i get the message that google chrome has encountered a problem and needs to be closed. then in the top unde...

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Youtube won't work. slow downloads.

Hello, I am hoping someone can help me here. I have tried EVERYTHING. So up until a few weeks ago my computer was working perfectly. Then one day...

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Having a problem viewing youtube videos


Hello, Hi my name is Garfield and im having a problem with viewing you tube videos every time it asks me to get the latest flash player which i ha...

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Youtube flash vedio not found

Hello, hi i have been encountered the message while try to download from youtube that flash vedio not found but i have downloading before with no suc...

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Realplayer is not downloading from youtube

Hello, my real player is not downloading things from youtube Configuration: Windows Vista / Safari 533.4

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Youtube error


Hello, I have this problem donno how to fix it. My windows is Vista, internet explorer is 7... My javaScript is enabled, Adobe flash player is up...

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Youtube dawnloader is not working

Hello, How are you doing well i want to dawnload music from youtube to CD or flash drive it cannot go. Please can you tell me or show me how and...

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shit head

Youtube videos wont show up or play

Hello, my you tube videos wont show up or play it says my adobe flash is old or some thing

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Just downloaded youtube downloader.

Hi there :) , i just downloaded youtube downloader, and as soon as copy the URL and then press ok, it comes up with "unable to download remote fil...

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Unable to watch videos fom youtube

Hello, since 6months now i am not able to download videos from youtube.After clicking on the selected video,it will appear ''An error occured,please t...

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Realplayer option to dowloads videos youtube

Hello, my realpalayer is not showing the opption to dowloads videos from youtube Configuration: Windows XP / Internet Explorer 8.0

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Urgent youtube problem

Hello, im having problem with youtube site, i can open it but it didnt opened properly so i decide to update my java and restart it but its still ...

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Youtube not working in my pc

Hello, kindly let me know the problem that why is not opening inmy pc Configuration: Windows XP / Internet Explorer 6.0

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Can not open

Hello, sir, from last two days i m not able to open as well as see any contents/videos on youtube neither the youtube site opens on my IE , ...

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Youtube mobile

Hello, My internet connection is very slow.So I get a lot of problem watching videos in yotube.I have searched the net and found that one can watch ...

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Youtube issues

I have a mac, I cannot see the thumbnail images or videos on Youtube. I cannot figure out how to fix this. There is nobody I can contact in Youtube f...

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Youtube not opening with antifilter

youtube not opening with proxy please help vistahome

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Youtube page looking weird & no video!

Hi all, Today I run "Advance system optimizer" after completing the process it ask me to restart.After restarting it showed some .dll file missing, ...

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Youtube videos creatng problem in downloading

since a long time i have been using ULTRAGET SOFTWARE to download youtube videos,but from atleast 10 days i am not able to use any of the software,whi...

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