How to noscope in Counter Strike

How to noscope in Counter Strike

In FPS (first-person shooter) games, no-scoping refers to taking a shot without the crosshair on the screen. It is mainly the case with the AWP sniper rifle in Counter-Strike. This article will explain how to noscope in Counter-Strike with the AWP and other weapons.

Why is no-scoping important?

If the player does not go into zoom mode, there is no crosshair on the screen. The player, therefore, has no point of reference and doesn't know exactly where to shoot. But going into zoom mode when an enemy appears takes time, and as you know time is of the essence in multiplayer FPS games. Hence, it's vital to hone your no-scoping skills.

How to improve your no-scoping skill?

A well-known technique used to improve your no-scoping ability is to correctly position the center of the screen on the target and take the shot. Simply place a dot in the middle of your screen, and this will give you a fixed point of reference, even when there is no crosshair on the screen:

  • Put a marker on your screen.
  • Practice a lot.
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