iPhone 16: release date, design, rumors, price

iPhone 16: release date, design, rumors, price

Each year the iPhone receives an update, some upgrades of the iPhone are more consequential that others, and this year is set to be one of the biggest upgrades in recent years. In this article we will look at everything we know so far about the upcoming iPhone 16, iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max.

Release date

The next range of iPhones will be released in September 2024. 

Design and size

One notable change in the iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max is a size increase. The iPhone 16 Pro will feature a 6.3-inch display (up from 6.1 inches), while the Pro Max will boast a 6.9-inch screen (up from 6.7 inches). This adjustment brings a fresh feel to the lineup after several years without a significant size update. Apart from this, the overall design is expected to remain relatively unchanged.

The familiar power, volume, and Action buttons will continue to grace the iPhone 16 Pro models. An exciting addition is the rumored "Capture Button," expected to join the lineup. Positioned alongside the Power button, this button will facilitate quick access to capturing photos and videos. Users will be able to employ various pressure and touch gestures for functions like zooming and focusing.

According to CAD designs revealed recently, the iPhone's cameras would go from their angular arrangement in the square glass bump we know to be located in a pill-shaped vertical camera island, something similar to the design they had on the iPhone X.

Generally, there are differences in the number of cameras and type of sensor. Making a prediction, it can be said that the iPhone 16 and 16 Plus would have two lenses (main and wide angle); The iPhone 16 Pro would add a triple camera (main, wide angle and telephoto) with a LiDAR sensor. It remains to be seen if the iPhone Ultra will adopt a fourth lens or if it will have improvements compared to the other models, such as a more advanced telephoto lens.

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If we follow Apple's history, the iPhone 16 Pro Max or Ultra will most likely have the most advanced camera. A much better periscopic lens than the iPhone 15 Pro Max is expected. According to Digital Chat Station, Apple is considering adding a 300-millimeter sensor, which would improve autofocus, portrait mode, and zoom. The rest of the models could have a 48-megapixel main sensor with certain improvements, but without major differences compared to previous generations.

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, a specialist on the subject, the iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max or Ultra would have incorporated a technology called tetra prism telephoto that reduces the size of the camera lens without giving up the optical zoom capacity of 5x. This would mean that it can handle light much better in a small space, which results in photographs with more details. This tetraprism camera is present in the iPhone 15 Pro Max, so it would now be present in the smaller Pro model.

A-Series chips

Apple is set to introduce a new A-series chip, the A18 Pro, for the iPhone 16 Pro models. Built on the cutting-edge N3E 3-nanometer node, the A18 Pro promises efficiency and performance improvements. Details on specific enhancements are yet to be revealed, but users can anticipate a seamless experience with the latest chip.


The camera technology is poised for a significant upgrade in the iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max. Anticipated features include a 48-megapixel Main camera sensor, improvements in dynamic range, and the introduction of Tetraprism zoom lenses. The Pro Max might even sport a super telephoto periscope camera for substantial optical zoom capabilities.


With the adoption of Qualcomm's Snapdragon X75 modem, the iPhone 16 Pro models are expected to deliver faster and more efficient 5G connectivity. Storage options could include up to 1TB, with considerations for higher-density Quad-Level Cell (QLC) NAND flash memory.


The iPhone 16 Pro models are likely to adopt new micro-lens OLED display technology, offering improved power brightness and reduced power consumption. This advancement could contribute to enhanced battery life, a crucial aspect for smartphone users.

Additional features

Other notable features include the potential adoption of WiFi 7 technology, the continued use of USB-C ports, stacked battery technology for improved capacity and lifespan, and AI capabilities powered by iOS 18.


While component prices for the iPhone 15 models experienced a record high, there's no strong indication of a significant price increase for the iPhone 16 Pro models. Apple may maintain pricing similar to the iPhone 15 Pro models, ensuring a competitive edge in the market.