AI Pin (Humane): what is it, price, release date

AI Pin (Humane): what is it, price, release date

Humane has unveiled the AI Pin, a device that aims to be an alternative to smartphones, or at least that's what its creators intended. Find out what AI Pin can do, when it will be available and how much it will cost.

What is AI Pin?

Humane is a startup founded by former Apple employees Bethany Bongiorno and Imran Chaudhri. They decided to create a new form of wearable AI assistant, offering a completely new device instead of a smartphone. AI Pin has a magnetic clip that allows you to attach it to your clothing. It is a completely wireless, compact gadget that consists of two parts:

  • Lithium-ion polymer Battery
  • Processor, touch interface, camera and projector.
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The battery lasts for a day, and if you have several batteries, you can change them quickly and easily. The gadget also has a case (similar to a headset) in which, in addition to storing the device, you can charge it.

Using a 13MP, 4208x3120 px camera, this small 50 gram device can take photos and record videos that are stored in the Humane cloud. In addition to the camera, AI Pin has a microphone, motion and depth sensors that collect data as you walk.  But this is not the most surprising thing... Continue reading!

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How does AI Pin work?

The most striking feature of the AI Pin is the lack of a screen. So how do you manage it? Using voice and touch panel on the body. It also responds to hand movements and gestures (such as holding the index finger and thumb together). With these commands, you can interact with the device, activating calls, playing music, or communicating with its artificial intelligence (AI), among other functions.

The device communicates with the user through a speaker or Bluetooth headphones. You can issue commands to send messages, reminders, etc., - similar to virtual assistants.

As we said, the AI Pin doesn't have a screen, but instead projects key information onto your palm. To achieve this, it has a built-in feature called Laser Ink Screen, which displays basic controls, information such as time, date or upcoming calendar events. Additionally, it projects text messages and incoming calls.

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The AI Pin runs the CosmOS operating system and a special AI program that connects it with Microsoft and OpenAI artificial intelligence models. The gadget will come with several pre-installed apps, such as music streaming service Tidal. It will be available in three colors: Eclipse (black), Equinox (silver) and Lunar (white).

How much will AI Pin cost?

The announced price is $699. But that's the price for the hardware, which includes the AI connector, battery and cable, case, and charging station. However, the device will require a $24 monthly software subscription to operate.

The subscription also includes a phone number and cloud storage. It only has connectivity through T-Mobile, meaning there won't be an AI Pin in Europe or other regions, at least for now. In the US, Ai Pin will be available to order starting November 16th.