How to wipe your phone before selling it?

How to wipe your phone before selling it?

Is your mobile phone becoming obsolete? Your phone can have a second life if you give them the right treatment. In this article, we'll explain what you should do before selling or giving away your old mobile phone

How to prepare your phone?

If you're thinking of selling or giving away your phone, the first thing you'll have to do is delete all the content and reset the phone to factory settings. This includes removing not only the photos, videos, messages, and documents that you accumulated but also all the apps that you have downloaded.

Although in some cases it may seem that certain apps add value to the device (especially if they have been removed from the Google or Apple store), you should know that if you keep them on the device, you may be inadvertently granting hackers access to your mobile, since your account will remain linked to the application.

Ideally, complete a factory restore before saying goodbye to your old phone. 

How to backup your phone?

Before getting rid of your old phone, you should backup your data to keep it safe and never lose your important files, photos, and videos. Your Android device can be backed up via Google Drive, Google OneDropbox, or simply with your computer, flash drive, or another storage system. You can also backup your iPhone with iCloud, your Mac, or Windows PC.

How to backup an Android phone?

To manually back up your Android device, follow these steps:
1. Go to the Settings app on your phone.
2. Tap on System > Backup and select Back up now > Continue to launch the process.

You can also turn automatic backups on your phone in the settings and have all your content saved regularly in Google Drive or Google One.

How to backup an iPhone?

iOS devices can also be backed up through Google services if you wish, though it's easier to use iCloud and make your backups regular and automatic. Read our guide about how to backup your iPhone.

How to wipe your phone before you sell it?

Before selling your old device, it's better to wipe a phone clean, so there is no personal data, or settings left. Make sure you backed up and transferred your data to a new phone before doing it since there is no way back!

How to wipe an Android phone?

1. Go to Settings > System > Advanced > Reset options.
2. You will see 3 options: "Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth", "Reset app preferences", "Erase all data (Factory reset)". Select the third one. Enter your password if there is one.

3. You will get a warning screen saying that all your data including contacts will be deleted. If you are sure you have it all backed up and saved, tap on Reset phone. Then, select Erase everything.

After this, your phone will reboot and you'll see the welcome screen asking you to choose the language, region, etc. This means it worked and now you can sell your phone!

How to wipe your iPhone?

To erase your iPhone after you backed up all your data, follow these instructions:

1. Go to Settings > General > Reset.
2. Enter your passcode. Then, tap Erase All Content and Settings.

Then, your iPhone will restart with all content and settings wiped out, and you can sell it.

How to prepare your phone's exterior before selling it?

To maximize your phone's sale value, there are a few considerations to keep in mind for the phone's exterior condition.

  • To get started, including an extra charger, cables, and accessories that you have bought over the years and don't need for your next device. If you have the original box, that's even better. Remember not to throw it away when you buy your new device - it all adds to your potential resale value.
  • Then, clean your device thoroughly, both the screen and the case. Run a brush through the grooves and folds to make sure to catch as much dirt as possible.
  • Lastly, if the screen is broken, consider buying a new one depending on the costs. This is one of the most important factors between selling it as-is, in junk condition, or as a second-hand phone in near perfect condition.

How to sell your cell phone?

If you want to make a good profit from your phone, don't take it to local pawn shops. These stores run on a low margin, so the price they will offer you will be low compared to what you can get from an individual buyer. However, if speed is more important than the price, you could consider this option. The best way to increase your sale price is to use other online channels to find a buyer directly.

Important things to consider

Here are some additional factors to consider when selling your cell phone:

  • Price: We recommend that you check how much the device runs for in retail. Then also check how much your device costs at second-hand.
  • Image: Take some pictures with a good camera. Use enough light and take a few shots from various angles for the best presentation. Also include photos pf any included accessories.
  • Condition: As suggested, it's best to fix small flaws that could considerably reduce your sale price. Likewise, be honest with your potential buyers about any serious issues.

Where to sell your mobile device?

Today there are a variety of apps that allow you to sell your phone at a fair price. Post your phone on several sites to sell it faster. Here are some of the most ones:

- Wallapop

- Facebook Market Place

- Ebay

- Amazon

- Decluttr

- Craigslist

- InstaCash

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