Top 5 apps to organize your holiday gifts: budget, wishlists

Top 5 apps to organize your holiday gifts: budget, wishlists

If you struggle to organize your holiday wish lists, ideas, and budget plan for gifts for your close ones and want to make it all easier, read this article. You'll find useful apps and trackers to facilitate your life during the holiday season.

Christmas Gift List

To organize your lists and budget

Christmas Gift List is an app that will allow you to organize and systematize the gifts you need to buy for Christmas. It's more than just an app where you can write down what you want to buy for each person, you can also add your budget, how much you've spent so far, etc. Gift List has many extra features, such as the ability to include notes, links, and images to each gift, count in different currencies, make spending statistics, double checkboxes (when you buy the gift and when you wrap it), backup, etc.

Christmas Gift List
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To organize the Secret Santa event

With Elfster, you can organize the Secret Santa event at work in your friends' company. The app will automatically set who's getting a gift for whom. You can also set a budget and offer gift suggestions from your wish list. You can also use the desktop version of the app.

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To save some money on gifts 

The Wish app allows you to buy fashion and technology items and many other things. Wish specializes in products from China and offers discounts of between 50% and 80% off the usual price. The application is easy to use: choose what you are interested in and store it in the cart. Although shipments take time to arrive, you will save a lot of money, which will help you to complete your Christmas gifts for family and friends. Wish has more than 200 million users in Europe and the United States.

Wish app
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To buy gifts and help the environment

Wallapop is an excellent application to buy gifts while saving and contributing to the environment since it only buys and sells second-hand products. Once you download it, you can mark the products you are most interested in and then negotiate the price with the sellers. There are many items in excellent condition and also unused. The other great advantage of Wallapop is that you can sell what you do not like.

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To easily share wishlists and organize Secret Santa

Giftster is one of the most popular apps that helps you find the perfect gift for your loved ones. You can create a wishlist and share it within your group so that everyone can see and avoid overlapping. The app also integrates a Secret Santa feature, perfect for celebrating holidays at work or with a large group of friends. With this feature, you can exchange one gift each, saving on the budget while ensuring everyone in the group receives a thoughtful present.

Giftster gifts holidays
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