iPod Touch - transfer files via Bluetooth.

December 2016

iPod is Apple's best seller portable multimedia device. An iPod can be used to view and store different variants of audio and video formats. It is also useful to view various picture file formats. iPod has an option where users can download songs online and play games on the device as well. It also supports Bluetooth telephony which allows users to listen to their favorite songs wirelessly using a Bluetooth headset. Bluetooth telephony, however, cannot be used to transfer data wirelessly. For this, one has to connect it to a PC and then transfer the file.


I've got an Ipod Touch V3. When I turned on the Bluetooth, indeed the small icon appears at the top of the screen, but I'm unable to transfer files via Bluetooth to another device!

The iPod Touch is not detected!


File transfer via Bluetooth is not supported!!

Originally, Bluetooth was installed for the Nike + iPod promotional scheme on the iPod Touch V2. The V3 allows us to have Bluetooth, but only to listen to music with a compatible Bluetooth headset.

No need to buy some expensive firmware updates or try to jailbreak your device, there's no guarantee that it will work.

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