WD Mybook not recognized [Solved]

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Hello, guys I'm suppose to ask a question but I am providing a solution to WD external hard drives at least for my book anyways, I've had my My Book for a couple years gave up on because I couldn't figure how get stuff to save to the harddrive because it was not being recognized. Here is the easy answer for this fix you have to download WD Quick Formatter here is the link because it took me forever to figure out how to do this I went from website to website but here is your solution download this. Install it you have to extract it I created a new folder on my hard drive for WD software once you accept the license it will give you the option to click continue to scan for the drive takes a few seconds for it to scan and it will show your WD My Book, then you click format drive now this software is only for external harddrives so don't worry about reformating your own drive and once it formats you are done :) it will show up under file explorer now.

plus moins
Thank you for the advice.
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