How to help Ukraine: refugees, donate, support, now

How to help Ukraine: refugees, donate, support, now

From food and medicine to toys and warm clothes, Ukraine is in need of humanitarian aid following its invasion by the Russian government. As many people have already left the country because of the war, we have gathered several ways on how you can help Ukrainians. You can choose the one that you feel best fits your possibilities and goals.

Humanitarian aid

  • United Help Ukraine receives and distributes donations, food, and medical supplies to internally displaced Ukrainians, as well as families of wounded or killed soldiers.
  • Red Cross helps to deliver food and hygiene parcels to Ukraine, provides first aid trainings in bomb shelters, helps to evacuate people to safer zones.
  • PAH (Polskia Akcja Humanitarna) is a non profit organization that actively supports refufees in Poland and within Ukraine. From all the countries Poland has received the biggest number of ukrainian refugees. PAH provides not only accommodation,  food, and other support, but also psychological help for those affected by the war. Recently it has launched a website with up-to-date information about PAH's activities related to the war in Ukraine.

  • Nova Ukraine is another humanitarian non-profit organization providing citizens of Ukraine with everything from baby food and hygiene products to clothing and household goods.
  • People in Need provides humanitarian aid to more than 200,000 people on the ground. Items include food packages, emergency shelter, safe access to clean water, hygiene items, and charcoal for heating.
  • CARE International provides food, hygiene kits, psychosocial support services, access to water, and access to cash.
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Help for refugees and children: support, help, legal advice

  • Fight for Right promotes and protects the human rights of people living with disabilities. Today it is coordinating shelter, evacuations, and other emergency services for people with disabilities living in Ukraine.
  • The International Organization for Migration (IOM) helps the thousands of people leaving Ukraine these days with shelter, transportation, food, hygiene and winter supplies. The need for assistance to Ukraine increased even more after the tragic flooding provoked by the explosion of a dam on the Dnieper River.
  • The United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) has stepped up its operations in Ukraine and Poland and is working with governments of neighboring countries to keep borders open for those seeking safety and protection.
  • UNICEF Ukraine is a major organization that is repairing schools damaged by the bombings, as well as providing support to children affected by the conflict. 
  • Association for Legal Intervention provides legal advice to citizens who had to flee Ukraine because of the war.