Find car owner's details with license plate in India

Find car owner's details with license plate in India

A vehicle's license plate number serves as its identity as it carries important information, like the state and city of the car's registration. If you are living in India, the government allows anyone to find important details related to any vehicle using its registration number.

How to find vehicle owner’s name and address with its license plate?

The Indian government has launched a mobile app called mParivahan that allows anyone to find information about a vehicle, such as its owner's name, its registration date, the model, insurance validity and more. This app is an especially useful tool if you would like to buy a used car in India.

  • To use it, install the app on your phone and open it.
  • On the home page, type the vehicle's license plate number in the search box. Click the lens icon to launch the search:
mParivahan app
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  • The app will show all of the important information related to the vehicle.
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