VivaTech Paris 2024: dates, tickets, General Public Day

VivaTech Paris 2024: dates, tickets, General Public Day

Viva Technology 2024 will forecast the future of digital industry. This major tech conference returns to the French capital May 20-25. Here's a guide to the upcoming event.

What is VivaTech?

What is the most valuable thing at business conferences? People, of course, and at Viva Technology conference you can see and hear the most famous faces, from the heads of the largest technology giants and leading politicians of the world - to the authors of the most daring startups, influencers and developers.

Viva Technology (VivaTech) is one of the largest conferences dedicated to technology innovation and startups, comparable in scope to CES Las Vegas and other global industry's most important events. Held since 2016 in Paris, last year's VivaTech attracted a record number of attendees and a host of significant speakers, including Space X and Tesla CEO Elon Musk and French President Emmanuel Macron. The conference covers the widest range of applications of modern digital technologies, from entertainment and sports to AI, Deep Tech, healthcare, and transport.

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VivaTech is a conference about the technology industry in Europe, and at the same time it is a hub that connects the old continent with the whole world. The guest country of this year's conference will be Japan, which will bring to the conference its newest startups in AI and Deep Tech.

In anticipation of its 2024 edition, the conference published the "Top 100 Next Unicorns" list - an annual collection of the 100 most promising large-scale technology projects in Europe. The majority of the list was made up of SaaS companies offering software-as-a-service solutions through targeted subscriptions, and Artificial Intelligence startups were also among the top three most represented areas on the list. Among countries, the UK topped the list with 22 companies, followed by France (21 companies) and Germany (14 companies).

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Speakers of this year's VivaTech edition include heads and executives from IBM, Meta, Amazon, Ubisoft, Adobe, Microsoft, Orange, Visa, X, Signal Foundation, Bloomberg, and other technology companies and institutions, as well as journalists, academics, and entrepreneurs. President of the European Council Charles Michel, former US Secretary of State John Kerry and other leading politicians and government officials will take part in VivaTex 2024 panels.

Viva Technology 2024: dates and venue

VivaTech 2024 will take place from May 22 to 25, 2024 at the Paris Expo Porte de Versailles

How to attend VivaTech 2024?

Nearly 3,000 exhibiting companies and 150,000 visitors are expected to attend VivaTech 2024. The first three days of the conference are B2B and will be attended by industry professionals, but on the fourth and final day, Saturday 25 May, the Journée Grand Public (General Public Day) will be held, when everyone can attend the conference based on the purchased ticket. If you are lucky to be in the French capital during the conference, then you have a chance to become one of its visitors! We should note that the entrance fee for this day is quite low (20 euros), which is a very attractive offer compared to other conferences in the technology sector.

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The conference is also a great opportunity for entrepreneurs and startups to show their projects and make contacts in the world of big business thanks to special Startup Tickets, which cost only 308 euros and give access to the event for all four days.

The conference will unfold across 4 stages and is divided into several thematic blocks including AI Venue, Discovery Stage, Mobility & Smart City Park, Impact Bridge, Sport Park, Gaming & Esports. At the Discovery Stage, startups will pitch their innovative projects, and at the Mic Drop event-competition you can take part in a free discussion on the most pressing issues of modern technology. Want some fun and games? Then you can witness the finals of the first official League of Legends Amateur competition in Europe.

How do I follow online news and reports from VivaTech 2024?

You don't have to be in Paris to follow VivaTech 2024. From anywhere in the world, you can receive conference news on the conference page on X (formerly Twitter), as well as watch reports on the VivaTech YouTube channel.

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