Translate text with DeepL: online, for free

Translate text with DeepL: online, for free

Do you need an immediate and reliable translation? Try out DeepL, a completely free online translation service that handles multiple languages. In this article we'll show you all you need to know to get started.

What is DeepL Translator?

DeepL Translator is a free online translation platform created in 2017. It is built with the Linguee online dictionary database, an artificial intelligence system, and neural network technology. This combination provides great flexibility through the use of synonyms, providing different results to those obtained with the Google translator.

DeepL handles nine languages: German, English, French, Dutch, Polish, Italian, Spanish and, more recently, Russian and Portuguese. It allows the user to translate in all possible combinations between these languages. The translated text can be exported to the clipboard, saved as text, or shared as a URL for use in social networks.

Other features for professional use are paid, including DeepL integration with computer-assisted translation tools (CAT), maintenance of text confidentiality, or access to the API.

How to translate a text with DeepL?

Translate a text directly on the site

  • Write or copy and paste the text to be translated in the box on the left. It must be written in one of the currently supported languages, namely: French, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Polish or Russian.

  • By default, the platform automatically identifies the language. If it doesn't, click on the drop-down arrow located on the left box and select the language from the language list.
  • Similarly, you can select the desired language for translation by using the drop-down arrow located on the right box.
  • As you type, DeepL does the translation in the selected language. This translation can be exported in several ways: either by clicking on the copy and paste icon, sharing the URL or exporting the text as a .txt document. The three icons associated with these three options appear in the lower right part of the right box:
deepl translate website

Translate a Word or PowerPoint document with DeepL

  • You can also import a document to be translated. This document must be provided in Word (.docx) or PowerPoint (.pptx) format.
  • Click Translate document , located at the bottom of the left box, and then select the document you want to import.
  • Select the translation language and wait for the period indicated on the screen.
  • Once completed, the translated document is automatically downloaded in a new version.