How to buy a refurbished iPhone: from Apple, Back market

How to buy a refurbished iPhone: from Apple, Back market

Nowadays we have the possibility to buy used or semi-new iPhones for a considerably reduced price compared to a new one. These are reconditioned iPhones, meaning that they've been reviewed with a special service that inspects the phone and makes the proper repairs to make it good as new. This system brings the old smartphone back to a complete functionality and it's ready to pass onto the hands of it's next owner.

What smartphones can be reconditioned?

Most smartphones can be reconditioned even if they’ve already had good use by a previous owner, the external and internal conditions may vary from phone to phone, but usually the operating system can be adjusted to work just as new.

It is very common among the reconditioned market to find phones that were displayed in stores or immediately returned by customers after purchase, giving them barely any previous use and offering an almost brand new phone for a much lower price.

Who can recondition an iPhone?

Depending on the iPhone model and previous usage, it may be the case that the Apple service can do it without going to third parties, you can also find specialized services that buy these used models and restore them for sale.

What are the pros of buying a reconditioned iPhone?

  • The most basic: buying a reconditioned iPhone can guarantee a lower price. If you cannot afford to buy a brand new iPhone, we highly recommend you to look into pre-used ones. One important thing to keep in mind is; look into who was the first supplier from the iPhone, making sure the device is coming from a legitimate store, this can help avoid problems in the system, bugs or infected programs.
  • The guarantee: most established businesses of reconditioned mobiles give a longtime guarantee, giving you the possibility to give it back or have it repaired in case some problem appears.
  • The constant renewal: if you’re one of those who likes to keep up with the latest software and mobile trends, a reconditioned iPhone may be just what you need. Reconditioned devices have lower prices and can allow you to acquire the newest or previous versions at a reduced rate so you can try all them out.

What are the cons of a reconditioned iPhone?

  • Defects from factory: Even if the iPhone is reconditioned, it can occasionally occur that the device comes with factory defects or problems caused by a previous owner. If it’s the case, -and particularly with factory defects - a guarantee and professional service may be able to fix the issue, in some other cases it may be necessary to give it back and look for a new reconditioned device.
  • Battery life: reconditioned mobile devices can have a low battery life, to avoid this from becoming a problem make sure to: look into how old the device is and what was the use it was given before. Although reconditioning does take in account the battery function, iPhones tend to lose battery life through the years, the battery can be replaced easily but sometimes this can represent an extra cost.
  • Accessories: when purchasing a reconditioned mobile phone, it's never a guarantee that it will include the accessories needed, like earphones, chargers, cords, etc... When looking to buy a reconditioned device, make sure it includes the accessories you may need or you might as well be able to find the accessories in the same marketplace.

How to choose a reconditioned iPhone?

If you’re sure about acquiring a reconditioned iPhone, you’ll be interested to know that there's a classification system that gives a three grades average to classify the current functionality state of the iPhone. It usually includes three main categories:

  • Level 1: the iPhone is almost perfect, the conditions of the device show none or close to none internal or external flaws and have little to no use.
  • Level 2: the device carries some external & screen marks, it has had a moderate level of use.
  • Level 3: the iPhone has a significant amount of external damage that may or may not be possible to repair, it can also imply a little to no battery life left, or even, the use of an external brand battery.

Where to find a reconditioned iPhone?

Apple offers reconditioned iPhones in their official Mac Stores. You can find several models and levels in their physical and online stores. Not every country offers this modality, in the United States works almost flawlessly, you can take a look here.

If you opt for a reconditioned device in the Apple Store, you’ll have the advantage of a one year guarantee, a new battery and cover, however, discounts on refurbished iPhones done by Apple will hardly ever cost less than a non official Apple marketplace. This is arguable the best place to purchase a refurbished iPhone, however the choices are often limited as it is a popular way of purchasing a slightly cheaper iPhone.

If you’re looking for a working device with a higher discount, you can find them in different online retailers, try to make sure the online marketplace of your choice is viable and trustworthy, keep in mind the guarantee, battery life and reviews. Some of our favorite sites to purchase reconditioned iPhones are:

Back Market Amazon JemJem Best Buy

Back Market

Back Market could be by far the most trustworthy marketplace to buy a reconditioned iPhone or any other tech device, other than the Apple store itself.

Why? Mainly because Back Market specializes in selling reconditioned electronics almost as good as new, with guarantees and attractive discounts. This website is a safe and certified place to shop, all the purchases include up to two years guarantee and has a fast and effective shipping, returns and repairs system. They’re honest with their products, describe devices in detail so you can have a full idea of what it is that you’ll receive and, they are confident enough to display their products this way so you can be a fully satisfied customer. Let’s not forget they offer a fast and responsive customer service in ten different languages.

How to buy an iPhone on Back Market? 

Go to Back Market on your browser, Right on top of the homepage you’ll find a search bar where you can type the iPhone model you’re looking for.

Make some comparisons of the same model, take your time and choose the one that suits better to you’re looking for. All of the devices work and price will vary depending on the external damage level. Add to cart and proceed with their safe payment options, you can add an insurance or pay the device in installments.

Once you have your confirmation just wait patiently next to the mailbox for your new reconditioned iPhone!

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