Best gadgets for working from home

Best gadgets for working from home

If you're looking for solutions that can make working from home a more enjoyable experience, we present you some gadgets that can help you have a more efficient and productive work space and at the same time, making it the most pleasant and comfortable for you.

ObVus Laptop Stand

Although laptops are made to be used everywhere, sitting for long hours in front of the screen can result in back and neck pain. To bring more stability to our back, it’s important to have our laptop positioned at a comfortable height, specifically at a suitable eye level to avoid uncomfortable positions that could result in pain. The ObVus Laptop Tower Stand is an ergonomic and lightweight laptop station made of stainless aluminium with a customizable structure that can help reduce back and neck pain. The laptop can be adjusted in any standing desk or surface between 2” and 21” and it can fit anywhere to create a nice home office setup. The ObVus is available for $ 74.99 directly from their website and it comes with a lifetime warranty.

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Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700

A good pair of headphones are indispensable for any home office. Wireless headphones can come in handy when doing video calls, or perhaps losing yourself in some tunes while listening to music or podcasts and making work a bit more fun. The Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 are one of the best noise cancelling headphones in the market, you can find them for with a significant discount directly in the Bose store. The headphones have a nice comfort grip made of leather around the ears and can be connected directly to your devices via bluetooth offering a clear sound for music and calls. The battery life lasts up to 20 hours to keep you connected all day long. For more information read our in depth guide to the best wireless headphones.

Tempur-Pedic Lumbar Cushion

Regular office jobs imply to be sitting down for at least eight hours a day, this can have some significant impact on our body if we do not have the appropriate support. The Tempur Pedic Lumbar Cushion is an affordable accessory to fit in any office chair, it’s a memory foam cushion adjustable for the lower back, which brings comfort and support even in long sitting periods. The cushion is lightweight and the cover can be easily washable. It’s only $56.00 and you can it for sale and free shipping directly on Amazon.

Tempur-Pedic Pedic Lumbar Cushion
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Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Mouse 3600

With a simple design and affordable price, this Microsoft Mouse is a must for the home office setup. This device reminds us of the old school models covering the basic tasks of a mouse while having a comfortable handling and a silent scroll wheel. It connects easily via bluetooth and the battery life after charge can last up to 30 days. It stands out for it’s BlueTrack Technology which allows the device to work on any surface making it a tool you can always rely on. 

Webcam C920S Pro HD Logitech

A lot of people have spent most of last year making video calls to communicate and looking at people at the other end of the laptop screen and this can sometimes be a challenge when we have a blurry or low quality image. The C920S Pro HD Logitech turns video calls into full HD experiences, the webcam is equipped with autofocus and autolight to make a more natural and clearer image as you record or call. Apart from video calls, you can also capture, edit and create videos customizing the settings on their software. There is a privacy shutter to protect the lense when not in use, the webcam is available for $79.99 at Adorama.

webcam c920s pro hd logitech
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Sennheiser SP 30 Conference Speaker

When working with big teams it is important to be in constant communication, and not necessarily all the time through a camera. Sometimes it can be a challenge to have several people in the same call and manage to have a clear sound, using gadget like the Sennheiser SP 30 Conference Speaker could be a game changer in conference calls, it allows calls with up to eight members using a voice clarity detector that allows multiple speakers and crosstalk without losing any sound quality. The calls can last up to 18 hours and the device can be easily connected to your devices via bluetooth, a good team investment. Find it on Amazon for $219.

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard

According to the American Institute of Stress, 12% of employees relate stress with physical pain caused by uncomfortable and aching hands due to hours of office work. Without having to spend a fortune, the Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard is a home office gadget that gives a more natural position to the arms releasing pressure on the wrists. The ergonomic shape is easy to get used to and it provides long hours of comfort to the arms when rotating the wrists avoiding and relieving pain. It does not need any wires and can be easily connected to your computer. It’s designed to avoid loud typing and disturbing others around the house. You can find it for $55 at WalMart.

microsoft sculpt ergonomic keyboard
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