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Google Maps is the official application for Google online mapping service. Plus all the features of the web version, it includes a turn-by-turn GPS navigation. Maps are regularly updated to provide the real and exact location and direction. This application also supports the Street View function.

Key Features

  • Mapping: Google Maps offers a rich database gathering geographical information related to 200 countries. This app can show up all necessary information about a given country such as street names, route numbers as well as important buildings located in the city. Pinching and stretching the screen can be used to zoom.
  • Voice-guided GPS navigation: this application includes a navigation function. The user just needs to specify his destination and Google Maps calculates the best route. In the mean time, the application displays different kinds of data related to it such as the remaining distance between his current location and his destination.
  • Live traffics: Google Maps shows up in real time traffic information in a street or city. It delivers a real-time info about a road accident or traffic jam. In case it detects problem that may block the user's route, the application will automatically search for a better itinerary.
  • Street View: this app provides the opportunity to virtually visit some places in a given city. The user can have a 3D look of building, restaurant or museum. To proceed, he just needs to select one location and choose the Street View option.


  • Google Maps is a free application.
  • This app is available in several languages including French, German and Japanese.


  • This application requires an Internet connection to work.


Latest update on September 10, 2019 at 04:44 PM.

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