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  • Version 3.0
  • License Freeware
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USB Grabber is a tool that automatically copies the contents of your USB key as soon as it is plugged into your computer. If several programs are opened on your computer, this latter can't open the USB drive connected to it, whereas you need to copy data from it to your hard disk. Therefore, a tool like USB Grabber is essential.

What are the key features of USB Grabber?

  • Automatically copies your files stored on the USB drive while you can continue working
  • After installation, you only have to select the default destination folder of the copied files so that it starts detecting the presence of removable devices without your intervention.
  • This software is free and only uses 1MB of your hard drive.
  • Shortcuts: Ctrl + F12 for access to main form, Ctrl + F11 for starting or canceling grabbing files, Ctrl + F10 for access to settings form, Ctrl + F9 for opening 'GrabbedData' folder and also Ctrl + F4 for exiting USB Grabber.

Is it free?

Yes, the software is completely free of charge.

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