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Solar Ash is a third-person perspective game where the huge world, the feel of movement, the flow of combat, and the epic battles against enormous beasts have been created to be unique, exciting, and, above all, fun.


Solar Ash, also called Solar Ash Kingdom during its development, is a single-player 3D action-adventure platformer developed by Heart Machine and published by Annapurna Interactive. The game is set in the same universe as Hyper Light Drifter, more specifically in the Ultravoid, a really massive black hole that has been consuming everything that has crossed its path. You will take control of Rei, a brave Void Runner who has dared to venture into this anomaly as a last effort to save her world.


  • Controls: The Solar Ash’s controls are as polished as the studio’s previous title. You will play an agile character able to speed across the huge world with abilities akin to skating, climbing, and more. The game’s core is focused on speed, movement, and agility.

  • Solar Ash combat and bestiary: The combat system is presented as simple, fast, and fluid to encourage flow. Along your journey to save your world, you will encounter various violent creatures who will scale to greater and greater sizes, some of them will require speed and precise timing to defeat, such as huge, ferocious, serpent-like sentinels who hold the key to your quest.

  • Explore: A large world full of mystery awaits you, so take the time to explore it and discover everything it has to offer.

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The game has been rated 78/100 on Metacritic.

"Solar Ash is another triumph from Heart Machine, a fast-paced burst of vibrant, surreal science fiction where players get to glide and jump around fascinating worlds with terrific bits of platforming and action spread out across a series of unique worlds with jaw-dropping visuals. Be it gliding across clouds, grinding on rails to jump between buildings, or sneaking up on and successfully slashing at the one wall-based creature that fires lasers at you, virtually everything here is an absolute joy to experience. This is easily one of the year's most captivating games, and one to not miss out on." (Hardcore Gamer)

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The game is rated PEGI 12.