How To Download Streaming Videos (YouTube)

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From sites like YouTube, streaming videos can be played easily in your browser. However, when it comes to downloading, things become more difficult.

This tutorial will walk you through the various ways that you can download a streaming video.

Downloading Streaming Videos

Many websites like YouTube use a Flash Video format that enables highly-compressed streaming video to effectively play in most browsers. However, the inconvenience with this type of format is that you will not be able to download it by using your Save Target option.

There are three common ways available to save online streaming videos to your computer. You can either save the video using commercial software, use download-helper websites, or capture the video using a Firefox extension.

Video-Saving Software

There are programs available online that can be used to download streaming videos to your computer. Some even have the option to convert your FLV format files into MPEG or AVI files.

Cam Studio is a fully free example, while ReplayAV and WM Recorder are trial versions.

Download-Helper Websites

KeepVid and YouTube Downloader are download-helper websites that allow users to provide them with video links. These videos will then be catalogued and uploaded to the site. They are not, however, video hosting websites, like YouTube or Dailymotion.

Firefox Extension

Mozilla Firefox is a web browser that allows you to grab online videos with its additional Video Downloader extension. This application runs both on Windows and Mac OS X operating systems.

First, download Mozilla Firefox, and then download its Video Downloader extension.

After installation, your Firefox toolbar should have the Video Downloader icon located to the left side of your address bar. Load the page containing the video that you'd like to download, and click the down arrow next to your video downloader icon. Choose the format in which you want to save the video. (By default, it will save it as an FLV file.)

Choose where to save the video and confirm your changes.

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