Enable the Push-To-Talk Mode in Steam

If you are using a microphone, or gaming headset with Steam, the default setting for chatting with your friends is Open Microphone, meaning that your microphone is on all the time whilst you are playing. If you want to change these settings and enable the Push-to-talk mode follow the steps outlined in this short article.

Enable Push-to-Talk Mode

  • After having signed into your Steam account, go to the Steam Menu.
  • Go to the Friends menu, and select View Friends List

  • Click on the Settings icon on the open window.

  • In the Friends List Settings select Voice

  • In this menu scroll down to Voice Transmission Type and select Push To Talk. You will then be prompted to chose which key that you want to use.

  • After you close this window the changes will be saved automatically.

If at a later stage your want to disable the push-to-talk mode or use the push to mute mode you can follow these same steps, and simply select the other options.
Photo by Fredrick Tendong on Unsplash

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