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How to connect two computers with a USB Cable

To connect two computers using a USB cable, first you must start the computers and then log in to the OS with administrator privileges. Take a hardware USB cable. Connect one end of the USB bridge cable in to the USB slot of the first computer and the other end in to the USB slot of the second computer. Install the driver software when the system prompts you to, either by downloading, or through the memory device which is supplied by the manufacturer. Choose to install the USB bridge either as a link adapter to transfer the data back and forth or as a network adapter to enable complete network functionality. As the system says after the installation, your computers are connected with the USB cable.

One of the best and fastest ways for connecting two computers is by using a USB-USB cable. This process allows you to transfer files from one computer to another and share an internet connection. The specific USB cable for connecting two computers is "Bridged". Please note this might not work with a cable other than "Bridged" or USB networking cable.

Two ways for Operating this cable are:

Link Mode

The link mode function is the simplest way to select and drag files to or from the remote computer.

Network mode

To enable this function, you will have to create a network between the specific computers which will then allow you to share folders and internet access. This function mode fits well for sharing printers located on other computers and specifically for internet access.

Cable installation

To enable connection between the two computers, you should insert the driver installation CD that came with the USB-USB cable in both computers. You may have to choose at this point between the two modes of connection (link and network).

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