Clean out the USB port: phone, laptop, PS4

Clean out the USB port: phone, laptop, PS4

Is your USB cable struggling to connect? This could be down to an accumulation of lint in the USB slot. This little guide should help you get back to 100%!

How to clean USB-C port?

It is recommended, although not necessary to turn off your phone. Insert the toothpick into the slot and gently scrape. In a few seconds, you will have removed the hidden lint. Repeat the process until you have completely cleared the slot.

An alternative solution would be to use a compressed air kit to blow the lint out. Either way that you chose, check that the contact patches are clean before connecting your USB charger to your phone.

This is a good habit to get into as ultimately it can avoid bigger problems down the line if you leave this issue unresolved. Another good thing is that these steps can be used on all types of smartphone chargers (micro-USB, USB-C, etc.), whatever the brand. And also tablets: although they rarely fit in a pocket, they can gather dust and lint in other ways.

How to clean a laptop's USB port?

To do so, you will need a compressed air kit. Turn off your laptop and after taking out any lint you can see, blow compressed air into the USB port at an angle - this will avoid spilling any liquid. Also, keep in mind that it is best to blow the lint away from the port, and not deeper into it. 

How to clean a USB port with alcohol?

If the previous step wasn't enough for your laptop, you can use rubbing alcohol. Before you start, it is always better to turn off your device. Next, dip a cotton swab in the liquid and carefully and gently, rub the USB contacts with it.

How to clean a PS4 USB port?

To clean your PS4's USB slot, you can follow the steps from the previous sections. Before you start, don't forget to turn off your console and also, unplug all the cords. Make sure you hold the PS4 in a stable position

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