Find Your Facebook Friends on the PS4

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Online gaming on the PlayStation 4 is best enjoyed with friends. If you'd like to grow your friend list, there's a simple way to find Facebook friends who are already on the PlayStation Network (PSN).

Here's a step-by-step tutorial on how to enable Facebook friend searches on the PlayStation 4.

Invite Your Facebook Friends to Join You on the PSN

The first step is to link your Facebook account to your PlayStation 4.

Once done, go to the Settings menu > PSN > Link with other Services. Select Facebook from the list of services and then select Find Friends. Tick the Facebook friend searches checkbox located below Choose who can see your real name and profile pictures in Players You May Know and select Confirm.

Your console will then update the Players you may know list—leave it to work.

N.B. Only contacts who have already linked their Facebook profile to the PSN will appear in the list.

Select the contacts you'd like to add, create your greeting message, and select Send Friends Requests.
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