Get Notified When a Friend Comes Online on Xbox Live

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The Xbox app is a cross-platform application that bridges the gap between the Xbox One console and Windows 10. Not only does it allow users to stream games from an Xbox One console to Windows 10 devices connected to the same WiFi network, but it also allows them to play cross-platform online multiplayer games.

Multiplayer games are best enjoyed when played with friends. To help you in your matchmaking, you can configure the Xbox app to display a notification each time one of your favorite friends comes online.

Display a Notification When a Friend Connects to Xbox Live

Enable Xbox Live Friends Notifications in Windows 10

Open the Xbox app and navigate to Settings (cog icon) > General settings > Notifications. Tick the Favorite online - Notify me when my favorite friends are online checkbox:

Enable Xbox Live Friends Notifications on the Xbox One

You can learn how to set up Xbox Live notifications on the Xbox One console in our Display Notifications When Your Friends Come Online.
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