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How To Share files with UTorrent

Most users have already been introduced to the use of P2P software (torrent clients) as a means to download files from the internet. But torrent clients are not limited to the download of files—they can be used the other way around. This guide will teach you how to share a file or an entire directory through P2P file sharing.

How To Create a Torrent File with UTorrent

The first step is to create your torrent file, which represents the file or the directory you want to share. Open UTorrent and click on File > Create New Torrent:

The Create New Torrent window will open. Here’s an overview of the available options:

  • Add file: Create a torrent file out of a single file (as a whole). You can select a media file, a document, an archive file, or a disc image.
  • Add directory: Create a torrent file out of an entire directory (may contain multiple sub folders and files).
  • Skip files: This option allows you to exclude specific files and folders from the torrent file (when sharing a directory).
  • Start seeding: Tick this checkbox to UTorrent share the torrent file as soon as it has been created.
  • Private torrent: Allows you to create a private torrent file and share with specific users (requires private trackers).
  • Preserve file order: Allows you to create a torrent where files and folders are sorted by name (in ascending order).
  • Create Encrypted: Encrypts the torrent file.
  • Trackers: UTorrent will automatically create an entry for the OpenBitTorrent tracker. You don’t need to edit this setting when sharing torrent files publicly (Copyright Free content).
  • Web Seeds: Allows you to define all the other sources (URL) for the torrent file.
  • Piece Size: You can leave this setting on Auto-detect.

Once everything is set up, click on the Create button and select a filename for the torrent file (ends with the .torrent extension). Click on OK to finalize the creation of the torrent file.

Close the Create New Torrent window and head to the Torrents > Seeding section to view the status of the torrent file:

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A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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