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How To Transfer Your Number to Sprint Service

Sprint allows customers to switch their existing number to their Sprint account; this process is also known as porting a number. In order to get started you will need the account details on your existing service (name, address, and account number), the password to your previous account, and the last 4 digits of your Tax ID or Social Security Number. Keep reading to get started.

Port Your Current Number to Sprint

First, check if you number is eligible to be ported by visiting Sprint’s Portability Check. Once on this page, enter your current 10-digit number and click Check Eligibility. If eligible, you will be asked to enter additional information and then Sprint will initiate the request with your current provider.

Check the Status of Your Porting Request

Wireless number transfers are faster and can be completed in around 10 minutes. Landline number transfers, however, typically take between 2-5 days. To check the status of your porting request, visit Sprint’s Check Porting Status page, click on Check porting status, and follow the instructions after logging in to your Sprint account.

N.B. Sprint customers can transfer mobile or landline numbers

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