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What Is Twitch and How To Use It

The number of Twitch users continues to grow rapidly, but you may be among those who still don't know what it is or how it works. In this article we explain everything you need to know about Twitch, the video streaming platform for video games, art, and culture lovers.

What is Twitch?

In a nutshell Twitch, also known as Twitch.tv, is a platform that allows you to broadcast (live or delayed) and watch videos via streaming. Twitch was originally targeted to video games and eSports, although bo longer exclusively, and it's most popular the United States.

How To Use Twitch

If you want to view videos, Twitch is available on two platforms: via the web at the Twitch website or via an app, found on the Google Play Store and the Apple iStore.

However, if you want to live stream a video while playing or doing another activity, you will have to follow some more complicated steps. Keep in mind that retransmissions are easier if they are made from a video game console, such as PS4 or Xbox One. There are currently several services and programs to help you broadcast and control all kinds of details. The most popular is OBS, which is easy to use.

In any case, it's best to create an account and save the channels that interest you to your favorites list. You can even chat and interact with other users.

Twitch For Geeks

If you are a gamer, there are some extra things you should know about Twitch. First, Twitch was born in 2011 and focused on the world of video games, but growth took off and the app spread into other areas, such as music and television.

In 2014 Twitch was purchased by Amazon, which could soon reach three million unique users a month. Thousands have even found a way to make money from the platform, either via donations, paid subscribers, or advertising.

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