Myth - It is necessary disable an integrated graphics chipset

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My motherboard has an integrated graphics chipset, it is necessary disable an integrated graphics chipset, when istalling a new one (AGP/PCI).


FALSE. It even avoided. In case of failure of dedicated card, the graphics chip will be more functional and reset the bios will be the only way out.


For the past several years, the bios motherboards are programmed to disable the integrated graphics chips as soon as a dedicated graphic card is detected in the graphics port (AGP or PCIexpress16).

When installing a graphics card on a motherboard with an integrated chip, there is nothing to do, not even uninstall the old drivers.

Additional info:

Nvidia and AMD tend to offer solutions (biGPU) combining the performance of integrated graphics chip on the motherboard and a dedicated card (of the same brand) compatible. These technologies are called Hybrid SLI ® at Nvidia or ATI Hybrid CrossFireX (TM) at AMD.

It aims to reduce the energy consumption by dedicating the 2D calculations to the integrated chipset and having the dedicated graphic card handle the 3D. These solutions are questionable for the applications that strongly calls 3D calculations.

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