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I have a really annoying problem, and I hope that someone could help. I've already googled it, but none of the normal suggestions for this problem solved it.

I've connected my desktop (windows vista, ATI 4770) to my Samsung 37" LCD TV trough a HDMI 1.3 cable.
The video is excellent, but there is no sound coming out of my TV speakers. I've set my desktop sound device to "High definition audio", the sound device added to my computer after I installed the 4770 graphics card (so I know the graphics card supports sound), but nothing.

The sound in other HD devices I have works just fine with only an HDMI cable. I've tried all 3 HDMI connections in my TV, but with no success.

Thanks a lot for any help or advice!! this thing is driving me crazy...

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Hi guys,
I had the same problem like many of you. I'm using Vista OS, Acer laptop and Hitachi TV. Solved:
After connecting go to Control Panel - Sound and set HDMI as default. That's it :-)
Hope it works for you too.
Don't forget to set the speakers back as default after disconnecting.

Thank you, Jarda 484

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thank you. I too have the same problem. mine is a panasonic 26 inch LCD and I got HP laptop. Connected thru HDMI, there was no sound. Let me try ur solution. If it works, I will be more than happy. Thanks a lot
none of these methods work ffs
it worked but in my laptop I first went to control panel then sound like you said then it had a little tab on top it said playback and it had the name of my tv, I selected it and set as a default................well thankss :)
Thank you very very much
krishan lattala - Nov 11, 2017 at 04:44 AM
thanks it really worked for me
Thank you
Just right-click on the sound icon on the taskbar (by the time), click on the PlayBack tab, then Right-click on either HDMI or Speakerphones and select "Set as default" to switch between TV and PC speakers

Note: You might need to close and restart any applications like Media player, VLC, Mozilla etc. For instance, say you were listening to iTunes, then hooked your pc to your tv and followed the staps above, there'd be no sound coming from the iTunes cos it's still set on Speakers/Headphones. So you'd need to close it and restart it
does not work for me
Thank you
I dont know whether you guys have tried this but it works for me. Try :

control panel-device manager-system devices-high definition audio controller.

Enable it. In my case I have 2 high definition audio controller. Disabling one of it will disable the pc speaker & digital audio/spdif. Disabling the other will disable the ATI HDMI output with the tv icon. Enabling both will enable all sound playback device. You can actually open the sound playback device window and see the icon comes and goes as you play around enabling and disabling the audio controller.

Give it a try. Just sharing what works for me
Thank you
Hi, maybe you solved it already, but if not, I solved the problem with my Sony Bravia, it is not any HDMI port you have to use, in my case it was HDMI 4 plus the male-male jack from the laptop to the rear tv connection, so simple...
Thank you
I had the same trouble with my dell mini and there are some applications that use the default sound device and the easiest way around this is to right click my computer hit properties under the device tab click device manager and disable the non hdmi sound device by going to teh sound section and right clicking the device and hitting disable. Then if you need it back on just right click and enable, that is what worked for me.
msSpacedette - Sep 15, 2009 at 05:51 AM
Thank you

I got this solved I had this problem too, maybe you have solved it by now..I also have vista..had my PC through the LCD television..and went to control panel...then souund...then wehnt he box opens up you have 3 different options..the top one is speakers...make this as default..but this is the mistake I made..expecting it to wrok wihout restarting my have to either close your computer down after selecting this setting..or close down any sound thing like media player and start it wont just automatically have to close down any sound thing thats playing like Itunes..or media player..then it worked for me..I have a cable from my PC to the backl of the TV which says DVR and its labelled should work if you do that...I too thoguth you just change the sound seetings and that is are better restarting but I notioced it still works without restarting if you close any sound cadget down and re open it..then it shoudl come through the speakers on your TV..good luck x
Restarting the programme works! Cheers!
Thank you
if you are using hdmi calbe just power down your monitor disconnect the cable, wait 5 sec and reconect. worked for me.
it worked for me thanks bro
Thank you

I don't know if this will help but worth a try. I own a PS3 and connecting with only HDMI cable to TV and the TV to output with normal 3.5 mm Jack to my Altec Lansing or nice 2.1 system PC speakers. It would be good to know that I got as well a Samsung LA40A550P1 series 5 model. So, any model before and after even LED we should all share the same issues or solutions.

The problem: Samsung or technicians and other console / pc manufacturers know this, there's a compatibility issue at certain times when we are connecting via the HDMI or SVGA cable Jack. I've not tried it with optical cable yet but bet it's got the same characteristics.

Now, i've tested with third party 1.3 HDMI cable (claims to give full HD picture deliverability), mid quality 1.3 Microsoft HDMI cable & Sonys Category (1.3a or higher) 2.0 high speed HDMI cable which is supposedly the better HDMI if you want something below $60. There's monster cables and such but I was just tired of testing.

Solution: with Samsung, I notice that Port 1 & 2 of HDMI behaves very objectively, if it doesn't like your cable (HDMI) then it totally won't work. Plug it into your HDMI port 3 and you'll see whether there's no sound, intermittent sound or delayed sounds with slight chirpy glitches like there's not enough power to the sound signal.

Hence, I'd say use port 1 or 2 and get a high speed cable, splurge a little more than $40 or $50 you'll see the difference. It's not so much on the brand but the ability of the cable to deliver the data at a high speed. Allowing the signals of both sound and graphic to go through. I'm quite a prudent spender so I don't spend more than my budget, so you'll get what I mean when I say "buy this" it just means that... And more importantly it should work.

All in all, if it works for me, it'll work for you and your Samsung.

"now, if only Samsung spent a little more about focusing on quality control and testing on their TVs before they push them out to the market..."

Regards, Vern

PS: As for the SVGA cables, my advice: try not to get those black square headed cheaper ones. Go for true SVGA blue headed (smaller headed connectors) that you normally see people in Dell using a connection between the CPU and their PC LCD monitors. Yes they cost more that's why it'll work for us if we want PC to Samsung LCD TVs :)

if you like this, visit me at
Thank you
Hello people,

My situation's similar. I have a Macbook 13" (Dual booted with Win 7) that I'm trying to hook up to my LG LCD Tv. I bought an RCA cable that connects one end into my mac's headphone jack and the other to the red & white audio inputs on the back of my LCD. I get no sound and when I go into Sound options in my control panel (on windows), all I see is 'Real-tek HD speakers- enabled' and another option 'Real-tek HD audio output - enabled (but disconnected)'. I can't seem to find any configuration options to get my TV to produce sound from my mac. I feel like I just wasted my cash on the RCA cable. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you
Use an analog monitor cable out the back of the pc into the analog pc jack in the TV. If you only have DVI out on your computer then use an adaptor to make the analog in on the back of the TV to work. Don't expect the audio to work using an DVI-HDMI cable. Once you have the analog cable installed you can run a wire from the green audio jack into the audio jack next to the analog input.
hi allan I ave read your threads and still no joy I have samsung lcd tv connected to my pc via dvi to hdmi. using an 3.5mm jack from green output to tv audio tryed all the phono inputs. I know it works because ive tested it through my headphones any help would be appreciated thank you in advance.
Hi all. I have tried most of what you said but nothing. Some of the things make no sence to me as I am no buff with pc's.Please can someone be so kind as to spell it out for me or talk laymen terms please.I have a 42" Sumsung 5 series,have to use hdmi to dvi.Picture is there but no sound.
Thank you
look, I have a BIG problem: I have a Samsung LED series 6 and when I connect my new video card Nvidia 9800 GT to LED via HDMI, the image is PERFECT but I get NO SOUND.
P.S.: my PC works on Windows 7 Ultimate 64bytes
I also tryed all types of connections DVI-HDMI with a jack 3.5 but still NO sound.
I tryed HDMI TO HDMI simple but the same result, than I tryed HDMI TO HDMI and a 3.5 audio jack.
I also tryed DVI to HDMI with a RCA red and white(sound) jack.
I even tryed to connect HDMI to HDMI + the RCA audio jack.
I downloaded all drivers from video card and motherboard (my audio card is on the motherboard).
I think that the S/PDIF connection may be the problem but Im not sure. :(( I payed over 300$ for all (video card + all cables). PLEASE HELP ME.
I have the exact same problem. I know all of my cables and computer outputs are working. I tested each cable and 3.5 jack separately from the TV and everything works.

I also tried inputs besides the "HDMI 1" input and the other RCA inputs on the back of the TV are working - I get sound from the PC out of the TC speakers.

Additionally, it has worked before (about 1 month ago) but now I get no sound.

The PC works and the TV has video from the PC. The audio from the PC's 3.5 jacks work - front and rear. The 3.5 to RCA cable is working. The audio inputs for S-video 1 and S-video 2 work on the back of the TV.

This leaves me to believe there is a setting somewhere in the TV that is incorrect - the HDMI 1/DVI audio inputs are somehow deactivated. Or worse case scenario they are broken.

I have been through every setting on my Samsung ln-t2642h and I have gotten nowhere. I tried to install fresh firmware to reset the whole thing but the USB port will not recognize the USB flash drive.

I hope someone out here can help.
Thank you
convert it to mpeg1 quality through total video converter but it still give small picture
msSpacedette - Sep 15, 2009 at 06:15 AM
Thank you
thanks Allan, I got ti working and yes I used the back of my PC green socket for audio out...and now I got the sound threough my TV whoop!...but when you swithc the sound on the control panel it doesnt just switch it to your TV you have to close down all audio players and re open them again..t wont switch while yu have it playing..
Thank you
Well I have the same problem I set it up through gthe Jack thing, I have Vista and noticed when I went to playback serttinfgs and wemnt to configure I could play a test...and shock!..I could hear ti yet I had no other sound from my media player DIV player etc..I have decided as I ahve got a graphics card..and the back of the LCD TV is for digital audio, I reckon it wil pnly recognise digital audio sounds,..for exam=ple if you play a DVD disc on your PC and it has digital sound on will play thought he speakers on your telly..anything else just wont play yhe sound threough the speakers on the telly..well thats the suituation I seem to have..
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Thank you
None of those are the issues I need help with. I get volume through my tv. But along with that I get this LOUD noise that sounds like it is about to blow my speakers for a few seconds then it goes away. for any amount of time. then comes back and then gone again. Speakers are set to hdmi and I never had this issue before I even bough a new hdmi cable. It doesnt have to be playing a video either just has to be on t make the noise. How do I fix.
Thank you
I had the same probem. I connected it and listen to the computer sound. After about 5 minutes it started working by itself. Why? I dont know. What a solution.
Thank you
u need 2 connect rca audio adapter one end goes to the pc the other end in audio behind the tv
Thank you
Well does your laptop have a DVI port if yes then only your LCD wud work with that otherwise u need to have a dvi media player or probably a DVI port both wud be of same cost no such difference in the amounts
waddupnigga - Jun 13, 2010 at 09:37 AM
Thank you
Hi, you will need a double ended 3 jack sound cable wich you can find basiccly anywhere, all you will need to do is connect one end of the wire to the headphones slot of your laptop, and the other end into the little slot round the back of your tv nect to the scart lead adapters. thanks
Thank you
hi there, I just brought a 3.5mm jack to twin phono lead, but no sound, help please