No sound on LCD TV - Desktop HDMI connection

VonMicMic - Jun 17, 2009 at 07:20 AM
 krishan lattala - Nov 11, 2017 at 04:44 AM

I have a really annoying problem, and I hope that someone could help. I've already googled it, but none of the normal suggestions for this problem solved it.

I've connected my desktop (windows vista, ATI 4770) to my Samsung 37" LCD TV trough a HDMI 1.3 cable.
The video is excellent, but there is no sound coming out of my TV speakers. I've set my desktop sound device to "High definition audio", the sound device added to my computer after I installed the 4770 graphics card (so I know the graphics card supports sound), but nothing.

The sound in other HD devices I have works just fine with only an HDMI cable. I've tried all 3 HDMI connections in my TV, but with no success.

Thanks a lot for any help or advice!! this thing is driving me crazy...


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Hi guys,
I had the same problem like many of you. I'm using Vista OS, Acer laptop and Hitachi TV.

  • After connecting go to Control Panel - Sound and set HDMI as default.

That's it :-)
Hope it works for you too.
Don't forget to set the speakers back as default after disconnecting.
thank you. I too have the same problem. mine is a panasonic 26 inch LCD and I got HP laptop. Connected thru HDMI, there was no sound. Let me try ur solution. If it works, I will be more than happy. Thanks a lot
it worked but in my laptop I first went to control panel then sound like you said then it had a little tab on top it said playback and it had the name of my tv, I selected it and set as a default................well thankss :)
Thank you very very much
krishan lattala
Nov 11, 2017 at 04:44 AM
thanks it really worked for me