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 sathya -
i cannot access to face book giving error message of website restore error what is the solution for this problem, thanks in advance.

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website restore error.. it says," this tab has been recovered causes my web page close and re-open.
Thank you

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That didn't work for me! I'm stumped.
this didnt work for me toooo I need help
I have had this problem as well. I have tried EVERYTHING! Nothing solves it- resetting the Internet explorer didn't to it either. Yeah it corrected it for a day or so, then BANG right back to the issue. Only solution: buy a new hard drive and reload the operating system all over- start everything from scratch. And be sure to do backups or your programs and data are gone.
PS- this is a great reason to buy a MAC- they don't use Inetrnet Explorer on their systems!
It's not like you can't choose a different browser or anything.
Hello I cant get on to runescape it says " website restore error " and causes my browser to close + re-open 2 times then stops, some1 please help? thanks.
its useless forum