Can not use j,k,l,m key on Laptop help! [Solved/Closed]

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I have a IMB laptop running XP operating system. I am unable to use my U,I,O J,K,L M keys.
When I use these keys I get number 4,5,6,1,2,3,0 instead. I was told it was the numb lock
but I am unable to remove it ....I have used the FN key, numlk key but that does not work.
I Can not use my laptop keyboard PLEASE HELP can I get access to my J,K,L,M keys again.
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You tried pressing NumLck + Fn (both keys at the same time?). Can you press Fn + the letter key? That should result in the letter being printed.

Thank you, xpcman 4

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chances are there will be a lock on I can't remember the name of the lock put try turning of all your locks because I had this problem and I took it to a laptop repair shop and they told me it was just the lockif that isnt it then I would take it to a repair shop