Windows shut down - restart attempt fails [Solved/Closed]

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 surgam -
Desperate need of help! My laptop froze and I had to manually shut it off to restart it. When it restarted it came up with the black screen/white letters that reads:

"We apologize for the inconvenience, but Windows did not start successfully...etc..."

And it gave me options as to continue in "Safe Mode" and to continue normally...I've tried each of the options and each one results in a blue screen that flashes really quickly with white words but my computer shuts off automatically, not giving me time to read any of it. It restarts on its own and does the same thing. I've tried not selecting anything and letting it "start windows" in its own "in 30 seconds". And still it goes to the blue screen.

So I grabbed my camera and recorded it so I could pause and read it. What I see is that:

"A problem has occurred and Windows has been shut down to protect damage to your [somethingorother]."

And then it says that it could be because of hardware/software that's been unproperly downloaded or something and to make sure that it's downloaded correctly. But I can't get on the computer to do that! (Keeps shutting off after that.) Is this fixable? I can say goodbye to the computer - but I can't say goodbye to the files!!! Are they rescuable to put onto another computer somehow if it can't be fixed? Please help.

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i kinda have the same problem but I have no idea whats causing it
it just goes to the error screen and then turns off and then it wont turn back on
when I press the on button all the lights just come on except for my hard drive light
sometimes it turns on so the last time it turned on I ran a disk check in read-only mode and it said I have some errors
so I restarted it so it could run the disk check before it went into windows and guess what, it didnt turn on -.-
i have nooo idea if my hard drive is dead or if its my motherboard or something else
some help would be appreciated (:
most likely Hard -drive jumped ship replace u should be fine
I had the same problem like you did with your computer but my mother is bout to thorw my computer out of the window and get a new one but I told her that she need a reboot cd to reboot it but I can't my three cd that to fix that computer so I had to wait until somebody come and fix it.
My laptop did the exact same thing, it turned out that I had a corrupted file. I had to get my original software disc and re-install my software. you can also try to go to last known good configuration. it's all on the disc. hope this helps! good day!
It happens, your laptop didn't work until u clean your fan to do that u need to open you lap top. It because of dust. After u clean it works and it never frozen and shut down
Before u open u needs the manual if u doesn't. Don't worry I have everything u need gust send me your laptop name and product name. (
And how do I go to BIOS SETTING?
F2 or in some cases push Delete on start-up
A few weeks ago I bought a used IBM Thinkpad T42. I brought it home,put it on my kitchen table turned it on. During the boot process the blue screen came up with the same error in this thread. Unable to fix it myself I returned it to the store and they replaced it with another T42 which worked perfectly in the store. Got home set computer on kitchen table,turned it on,same blue screen! Phoned the store back and told them,they almost didn't believe me. I returned the computer...they checked it over found nothing wrong. Today the owner of the store and his tech guy brought a 3rd T42 to my house..booted it up in my living room worked fine...carried it to the kitchen within a minute, Blue screen!
We tried a bunch of things(turning of my wireless router,unplugging things...just on battery, plugged in) nothing in my area to cause any high frequency?? I don't think
We're all scratchin' our heads...any thoughts
how to re arrange my computer

You should change the RAM thats all... and run your system with re-laxly. Because I had the same annoying

problem after some days I found the reasons and now I am enjoying..
I have had the same thing happen to me too!! I talked with my friend and his computer has done the same thing...I have an HP Pavillion dv6000...i dont know what is wrong!! HELP!!
Hey, RELOAD WINDOWS. It will save you hours of time trying to figure out how to get around the blue screen so you can try the suggested fixes that you cant load up windows to try. And, god for bit you have a new computer that simply doesnt have a floppy drive so you can load up an older start disk and get to a dos prompt. LOL.

Just reload windows, don't select to format the drive partition. Just reload windows! Get up and on, run some backups, then reload windows again after formatting the Active partition that you're putting Windows on. There is corruption in the drivers somewhere. Reload the operating system without the format option
I have the same problem.
My computer was fine last night.
I have tried all of the option: Safe mode, Safe mode ..., Disable restart..., Last Know.... They have just restarted restart my laptop immediately, without any text or error warning.
I'm using Windows XP Home Edition on Toshiba laptop.
Help me please.
Thank you for your helping and your time
in some cases you have a built in back up on a partitioned section of Hard-drive try a full system
Repair /Recovery
It's me again ^0^.
I want to tell you that I have no CD-Rom on my laptop T_T. But I run an Ubuntu OS along with Windows and I can use Ubuntu to access my Windonws partiton. Can I do any thing with this? What file of Windows should I copy from another computer to fix my problem?
Help me please
Thanks for your help and your time ^0^
If you find no help for your computer, take the hard drive out(careful!), and put it somewhere safe, get a new computer, with a (recommended) new hard drive, and connect your old hard drive to the new computer(make sure to keep the new hard drive connected, you don't want windows to boot from the faulty drive!).
I was just experiencing the same issue.

I tried to re-install XP, but it wanted to format my drive, so I stopped.

I switched mt CPU and re-seated my RAM. Windows finally started. It advised me that it had recovered from a serious error.

I am running Service Pack 3.
partition it

Though XP SP3 aggregates all of the previously-released XP fixes, Microsoft now says that you will need to install at least SP1 on XP before installing SP3. The company recommends installing SP2 first as well, though that is not required
I just had the same problem recently with my laptop! and I was freaking out because the laptop actually belongs to my school (i'm homeschooled), so I talked to my friend and he said I need to stop leaving it on 24/7 because I can blow my processor that way, and he suggested I wait 12 hours to use it again, so we'll see!

Try it for yourselves to see if it works.
I had the same issue last week. I ended up just doing the recovery program which reset my settings to the factory settings. Does anyone know if there's a way to retrieve all my hardware files? When I did the recovery, they said only the applications would be lost but the files won't be deleted. But nowI can't find them!
I took it into compusa and they found a virus that caused it. McAfee had not detected it. They wiped it out and copied my hard drive and then reformatted. Lost alot of stuff but kept the pictures and music. I'm not using Mcafee any longer. Another reason not to leave the computer on 24/7 is the hackers have a fun time with it. Good Luck.
Yeah, I asked a friend of mine to help. I used my parents' dell XP OS disc on my hp laptop just for shits and giggles and it seems to be working

what I did was pressed f3 as soon as the laptop booted, and then when everything loaded it asked me to press enter or r, I pressed R and had to type chkdsk \r, after a while my computer shut off, and now, when I press r it tells me to press 1 for c:\windows and then it just freezes, so I think i'm gonna take it to a pro and let them look at it.
It is a virus. Go to safe mode and run AVG and ad-aware for viruses. It should find the virus which should be a generic trojan and delete it. Then retart
had this problem for months and true mcafee did not catch it. My computer would try to boot up and then shutdown I would manage to get it to boot and stay on but it would do it again the next day or something like that. I did not know it was a virus I thought it could be my router or something. So I suggest for all of you to download AVG and AdAware for free and run the programs in safe mode and I guarantee this should fix the problem for most of you if it finds the virus. Let me know if it works for you guys
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I have just come across this problem and I am looking to reinstall windows so I went to the bios and made it read the cd drive first where my windows home cd is and when I boot up it says booting from cd, press any key to continue I press but nothing happens it then goes to the 'were sorry for inconvenience (safe mode, last known)' page but I cant do anything, my keyboard won't work but it works at the bios page.

PLS PLS PLS PLS HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the man is 100% correct the os is corupt this can happen when the system isnt shut down corectly....reboot using your recovery disk.
go into the bios,change it to boot from the dvd drive first save your changes and exit.turn off laptop .turn on put in boot disk and go from there depending on what you want to it will give you the option of completley starting from fresh all your pics maybee gone ect but so are any virus....hope this helps